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WWE rumors: Batista leaving WWE possibly due to lower pay

WWE: Batista leaving due to money
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

When CM Punk walked out on the WWE after the “Royal Rumble” pay-per-view, one of the reasons sources listed was money questions. With the WWE Network eliminating most of the pay-per-view bonuses, Punk felt that one large source of talent income was disappearing. According to PWS on Monday, one of the WWE rumors of why Batista is leaving the WWE early to start promoting “Extreme Rules” is because of money.

The early WWE rumors indicated that Batista was leaving because the WWE wanted him to lose to Daniel Bryan at “WWE Payback” in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. With Batista tapping out to Bryan at “Wrestlemania 30” and then taking the pin to Roman Reigns at “Extreme Rules,” it seems that he was losing more than a star should. Rumor is that he felt losing again, to a smaller wrestler, would have him leaving looking weak.

Possibly the reason is a mixture of the two, an unwillingness to look weak as he heads out to promote “Guardians of the Galaxy” and the absence of the money he was promised when he agreed to return. The WWE rumors indicate that the money is “not great” at this time, and a lot of that comes from the WWE Network. While there are close to 700,000 subscribers, the WWE Network has caused other problems.

The biggest problems are cable providers refusing to carry the pay-per-view events. Direct TV, DISH Network and UVerse all refused to carry “Extreme Rules,” which eliminates much of the pay-per-view payout money. While the WWE Network is great for fans, it appears that those cable providers are attempting to blackmail the WWE into nixing the idea of including pay-per-views. It is the fans who will lose out in the end when the WWE raises prices for the WWE Network to make up for the loss in pay-per-view revenue.

For now, it seems that Batista is leaving after this week’s “WWE Smackdown.” WWE rumors indicate that officials spent most of Sunday before the “Extreme Rules” pay-per-view trying to convince Batista to stay on through “WWE Payback.” However, with the amount of money Batista has, he has the option to walk away just like CM Punk did if he feels he is not getting what he was promised.

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