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WWE news: Sin Cara finally changes his name

SIn Cara changes name
SIn Cara changes name
Photo from WWE Twitter

After promising that he owned the rights to his name, former WWE superstar Sin Cara has officially changed his ring name. When Sin Cara left the WWE, he claimed he held the rights to the name and character, but the WWE continued to use Hunico under the mask and called him Sin Cara. Now, PWS reported on Sunday that the real Sin Cara has officially stopped using the name in Mexico.

Sin Cara appeared this past week on WWE television, losing to the debuting Bo Dallas. Meanwhile, numerous Mexican wrestling promotions have been leery about using the Sin Cara name be because of feared recourse from the WWE. Now, the real Sin Cara is using the name El Misterioso.

Sin Cara was originally known as Mistico in Mexico until he left for the WWE. When he left, CMLL owned the rights to the name and character and kept it. That meant that when he left the WWE, he could not regain that persona. He promised that he would retain the Sin Cara name and even said that, when summer rolled around, he would be free to use it. It appears that is untrue.

The WWE has long attempted to retain the rights to character’s names through copyrights. That is why they have men like El Generico change their name to Sami Zayn and Bryan Danielson change his name to Daniel Bryan. Very rarely does a person own their character name when they leave. MVP is one of those rare cases, as he did own the rights to his character. There are also cases like Christian, who has wrestled elsewhere under the same name.

However, Bully Ray is a great example of someone who can’t use his more famous person of Bubba Ray Dudley because the WWE owns the rights to the Dudley Boyz and their individual names. Victoria in the WWE became Tara in TNA Impact Wrestling. The WWE wants to keep the name rights because that makes them more money. Sin Cara really had little chance in this case.