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WWE news: CM Punk hires attorneys to threaten WWE

WWE news: CM Punk hires attorneys to threaten WWE
Photo by Duane Prokop/Getty Images

In some very interesting WWE news, CM Punk has hired attorneys and just served the WWE with some papers. According to PWS on Wednesday, CM Punk’s attorneys sent a 22-page letter to the WWE concerning royalty payments. According to the papers, CM Punk claims he is owed royalties for his likeness that the WWE has never paid him.

Upfront, this is a very sticky situation. CM Punk walked out on the WWE the night after the “Royal Rumble” pay-per-view because of his dissatisfaction with the company. Punk then sat out and refused to work until his contract came to an end in July. The WWE proved with Rey Mysterio that, if a star misses significant time of their contract, they can force an extension. The WWE did not do this and parted ways with Punk after July.

However, the word is that the WWE stopped sending CM Punk royalty payments when he walked out on them with six months remaining on his WWE contract. The WWE planned to have CM Punk face Triple H at “Wrestlemania 30” and had to change the plans when CM Punk walked out. As a result, the WWE considered CM Punk in breach of his contract for refusing to do his job for the final six months, which is when they stopped sending him royalty payments.

WWE 2K15 is about to come out for video game consoles and CM Punk is in the game. The roster for the game was completed before CM Punk walked out after the “Royal Rumble” so he was already a lock for the game before he quit. The papers his attorneys filed against the WWE have to do with them still using his likeness in the game and other promotions without paying him the royalties for it.