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WWE Network suffering technical issues for a percent of users

WWE Network experiencing problems on video on demand
WWE Network experiencing problems on video on demand
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The WWE Network has been suffering from issues in its second day of existence. While the WWE original shows on its main stream has been running almost perfectly, the video on demand library continues to cause problems for many users. According to PWInsider on Feb. 25, the WWE admitted that 20 percent of users are having technical issues with the service.

Count this writer as one who is experiencing the technical difficulties. While the WWE said that the issues should be fully resolved by 6 p.m. EST tonight, the issues still persist.

The original stream with scheduled shows like "WWE Countdown" and "WWE Legends" air with barely a hitch, only a minor hiccup when it comes to buffering. However, when shows in the video on demand libraries are concerned, there is still major buffering problems.

Some shows seem to have a workaround. An example is the new shows like "WWE Countdown" when accessed from the on demand library. While it did not want to play up front and was buffering every few seconds, by pausing it for almost five minutes and then re-starting it, the show played in its entirety without a problem.

However, pay-per-views are almost impossible to play.

Numerous events, such as ECW Barely Legal and the 1989 WCW Great American Bash would show the disclaimer and then take almost two minutes to start playing after going to the screen. At that time, it would buffer every second or two, making it impossible to enjoy.

According to the WWE, they are working with MLB Network on getting things fixed, but things are not going as quickly as they believed it would.

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