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WTF? Business insiders say profanity belongs in the workplace

On Saturday, CNBC news reported an eye-opening story about cursing in the workplace. The latest Martin Scorsese movie titled “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a continuous marathon of cursing. Does cursing belong in the workplace? Dennis Gibb, the vice president of Sweetwater Investments says profanity does belong in the workplace.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio drops more than 500 F-Bombs in the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street."
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

He says:

"You've got a lot of high-testosterone people with big egos making a lot of money. When you've just bought 100,000 shares of something, profanity is a pretty appropriate response."

Gibb adds that swearing and humor are essential in relieving stress in the workplace. After spending ten years in the military and time as a trader, he says he can curse in 17 different languages.

Timothy Jay, a psychology professor at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts says swearing is common among extroverts with Type A personalities. The article also reports that swearing isn’t anything new. Even the ancient Romans swore.

Many vulgar words refer to either sex or body parts. Read the article in its entirety at the CNBC website.

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