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Wrap your arms around it

If you are dreaming for more from your life, show up healthy and back your thoughts with your heart!
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I’ve shared previously profound words about detachment imparted by Deepak Chopra in his gifted 21-days of inspiration. His insight, “Many wisdom traditions teach that the path to happiness and spiritual enlightenment lies in letting go of attachment. This doesn’t mean renouncing your desires or living the life of an ascetic. Instead, you set an intention then relinquish your attachment to the outcome.”

Think about something you seem to be continuously chasing; something you feel you might get close to but you just can’t seem to actually wrap your arms around it. Perhaps this is a healthy relationship, a meaningful job, or the dream of abundance; whatever your dream, it remains unfulfilled.

In order to fully enable your hearts desire you must start with the basics, and then follow the process from there.

Margaret Thatcher sums this up best, “Watch your thoughts for they become words.
 Watch your words for they become actions.
 Watch your actions for they become habits.
 Watch your habits for they become your character.
 And watch your character for it becomes your destiny.”

When you look at each of these variables that Margaret speaks of, how do they align in your situation? If you really want something badly but deep down you have insecurities about achieving if, this lack of self is sabotaging your dreams. Before you can manifest your true hearts desire, you must do the soul work to enable your authentic and healthiest self to show up to embrace the destiny you wish for and deserve.

The Bhagavad Gita states, ”Those who are motivated only by desire for the fruits of action are miserable, for they are constantly anxious about the results of what they do. When consciousness is unified, however, all vain anxiety is left behind.”

To enable your dream, your heart must be the driving force as this is the place where you connect with your spirit. The unified consciousness Bhagavad is referring to is an alignment, mind, body and spirit. Read Margaret thatcher’s quote again and really take it in this time. Your physical character, habits, actions and words are derived from your thoughts and when backed with heart (by the spirit), suddenly it isn’t about the chase. It is about the journey. You put your dream in motion and then, instead of obsessing about the outcome or lack there of, you surrender or detach (as Deepak calls it) and trust the universe to deliver. This makes the destination so much sweeter to embrace.

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