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'Wormhole' UFO filmed over Turkey (Video)

A UFO video posted to YouTube shows what looks like a giant "wormhole" like those seen in sci-fi movies hovering in the darkening skyline over Ankara, Turkey. What is it?

A wormhole UFO was filmed over the skies of Ankara Turkey
kobet83 @YouTube

The video, posted to the destination site Latest UFO Sightings on December 19, shows a circular, unidentified flying object, broken into several concentric rings, hovering over a high-rise building as a Turkish radio station plays in the background.

The object is filmed through a window, a feature used by hoaxers, but the object in this video stays in place as the camera moves and seems to slightly change shape and aspect to the camera.

Most comments on the sighting are in Turkish, but a quick translation on Google reveals most people believe it is an authentic sighting.

The sighting was reported to have occurred last Friday, and the radio program seems to be a Christmas carol sung in Turkish. The video has had more than 30,000 views in two days.

Here's the video.

What do you think? Is this a UFO? Or can it be explained some other way?

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