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World news is interconnected and it is all about the balance of power

Mutual dependence in outer space
Mutual dependence in outer space

I was contacted by Hamid Reza, the Iranian Ministry of Communications, requesting an appearance on a television program in Tehran, Iran for PressTV-IR to discuss the Russian-Ukrainian situation. I was honored by the request, but had to decline for personal reasons that include my hearing disability. I explained that I believe journalists and open communications are central to tearing down the walls of misunderstanding between free nations and those which are not.

Vladimir Putin is a political survivor, a professional politician who has traversed extraordinary change in his lifetime. He is a survivor from the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic in which he was a KGB spy officer and a military man. It must have pained him and like kinds to see the fall of the USSR and the prominent role that Russia played in its leadership.

Being a die hard, his ambition was and is to restore as much land to Russia as he can based on ethnic and emotional attachment. That is actually understandable.

A part of the Putin story is how he has managed to stay in power so long and repeatedly with a revolving door in which his cronies also move in and out of leadership. Is that what the Russian people truly want, or is something else afoot?

Russia and the Ukraine for that matter are known for their corruption in government. Political leaders wield great power through relationships.

To emphasize his power, Putin deftly positions America as a nation of contradiction and hypocrisy. He leverages his energy resources to gain control of EU dependency. He conducts arms sales with rogue nations and tends to favor autocracies like his. If any of them fall, such as Syria, that is a bad omen to him. He enjoys keeping Iran’s hope alive by joining China to keep America and Israel at bay.

There are many other parts to the global puzzle in which controlling fossil fuel and scarce mineral resources play a key part.

If and when the free world adopts sustainable economies based upon renewable energy, principally solar power, that will undermine the leverage employed by rogue nations and leaders like Putin in Russia.

As one commentator said today, in the instance of Russia, it is a matter of letting the old sentimentality for the former USSR to simply die out. The youth of the world want freedom and have no desire to embrace a failed history.

Today, the people in power in rogue nations need to find better reasons for being in their positions such as championing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the pursuit of sustainable economies that ensure a good life for the citizens of the world. That is the balance needed for the sake of humanity on our very small planet.

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