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World Cup streaker: Half-naked man with email inked on skin stops game (photos)

World Cup fans got a bit of surprise around the 53rd minute of play in the Ghana and Germany game on Saturday. While there were two brothers competing and the game was extremely intense, it was the half-naked streaker that got everyone’s interest. Looking to make his mark on a world event, it appeared that the soccer fan had little resistance. According to the USA Today on Saturday, the security didn't even seem to take issue until the players got involved as Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari ushered the man off the field before the game could continue.

World Cup 2014 was interrupted by a streaker during the Ghana and Germany Game
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images
Streaker makes his way to the field at the World Cup
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

While some fans were surprised, most were squinting their eyes on concentrating on what was on the man. The fan was obviously looking to connect with other fans of the sport as it appeared he had his email and telephone written across his chest and back. Waving his arms around, it was almost impossible to catch all the symbols as he appeared super excited to bust security and get to the middle of the field during the game.

It was Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari who ushered him off the field and it appeared that security was waiting for the man who got about 15-minutes of fame for his antics on the field. And it also appears that he got a big hug from Sulley Muntari too (or maybe Sulley was trying to coax him off the field by being appealing.) Either way, the penalty of going on the field unauthorized might mean watching the remainder of the World Cup at home and away from the live event.

Fans of the World Cup have been wondering what happen to the security on this situation. It is unclear if the man was on the sidelines or jumped from the crowds. It is pretty obvious that he was intent on getting in front of the cameras prior to coming to the World Cup as it had to have taken a little time to ink all the digits and his email address on his skin for the world to see.

Will there be other streakers? World Cup fans certainly hope not but if there are maybe they could really be streakers in more of a traditional sense (with their clothes all off.)

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