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World Cup: day two review

The second day of World Cup 2014 in Brazil could not have been more dramatic. We found out that the Mexican team is indeed both jelling and peaking while Cameroon is not as much a minnow as some thought.

Brazil, Holland, Chile and Mexico win, Cameroon, Australia, Spain, and Croatia, lose. Casillas suffers.
Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

We found out that Spain could do wrong in one game everything they did well for over seven years. It was a cataclysmic meltdown. Maybe they can sleep it off by convincing themselves that nothing could possibly go that wrong in one game ever again.

Spanish coach, Vicente del Bosque, will be earning his pay this evening and over the next two games as the last placed team of Group B must play and win two games to progress. If Holland does the same it will be Spain playing the top team of Brazil’s group in the Round of 16.

Spain’s leading sports magazine, Marca, trumpeted in its website header “Global humiliation” and followed by saying it was a “a disastrous beginning” and a “scandalous pounding.” Spain’s ABC newspaper said: “Robben annihilates Spain.” Brazil’s O Globo said: “Hurt by the clobbering del Bosque does not point accusatory fingers. Says it is essential to win the next game against Chile.”

We also noted that the refereeing has been consistently poor from the erroneous calls on Mexico’s goals called back for off sides in their game against Cameroon, to the questionable nature of the Dutch’s corner kick goal in their game against Spain. The trend from yesterday, where two of Brazil’s goals were questionable, continues.

We got to see just how torrential a rainfall Brazil can offer up in both the Dutch and Mexican winning games and how inexperienced a World Cup team Chile turned out to be. In their game with Australia it was not until half way through the second half that the South Americans seemed to wake up to the fact that a single goal differential was not much of win. Notice the difference between their late reaction and the Dutch who pressed harder on the pedal when they felt they had the advantage and went home with three points and a +4 goal differential.

We have seen how three of the top teams are doing but we can rest assured that the Dutch and Spanish will not have an easy a time with Chile and that if either gives Australia breathing room they will be in for a tougher match than they might have thought. Similarly, Brazil’s game with Mexico is going to be a barnburner while Croatia and Cameroon are going to have to go all out in their encounter.

Finally, as day three approaches, we get to see the crucial opening match for both Italy and England who must meet in their first appearance in World Cup 2014. The game will go a long way to determining who progresses in Group D.

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