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World Cup brothers: Jerome Boateng, Kevin-Prince Boateng in Ghana vs. Germany

Jerome Boateng and Kevin-Prince Boateng shake hands prior to 2014 FIFA World Cup Germany and Ghana game
Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

World Cup player scenarios are always interesting. With fans glued to the games coming live from Brazil on Saturday, the competition between Ghana and Germany had to be intense for one family. Brothers, Jerome Boateng and Kevin-Prince Boateng were on the field competing against each other and both had to be making their family proud. According to the New York Times on Saturday, the game ended with a pulsating 2-2 tie in Fortaleza.

The brothers being on the field at the same time is a story almost bigger than the actual game. The chance to compete against a sibling, especially at the level of the World Cup has to be thrilling. Adding that they both are on different teams and some fans are wondering how this could happen. Looking to be the best, the two stars had different paths for their careers, but still ended up with the world watching their performances on the field.

Both Jerome Boateng and Kevin-Prince Boateng grew up in Germany and obviously played soccer. Kevin-Prince played for Germany at the youth level, but his career seemed to change when he was passed over by the German national team. So in 2010 he decided to play for Ghana in the 2010 World Cup. Being that Boateng's father is Ghanaian, the idea seemed to fit the player perfectly. Jerome Boateng has better luck in Germany and is currently on the team representing Germany in the World Cup.

So how did these two siblings get on opposite teams? FIFA's nationality rules are quite liberal. Add the flexibility in citizenship rules for star soccer players as the guys are celebrities around the world and it’s possible that a star can move to a new team, as long as they played for one country at the youth level and make the predetermined cut off by FIFA. This situation is unique being that the two soccer stars are brothers, but other players have moved to different teams to represent countries at the World Cup too.

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