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World Cup: A global game

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This year, 32 countries from every region of the globe battled it out on the soccer turf in Brazil, and after 32 days of competition, Germany emerged World Cup champions!! Germany is one of the world's powerhouses when it comes to soccer; this is their fourth World Cup title. Only Brazil has won more World Cups with a grand total of five. Germany is tied with Italy at four.
The last time Germany won the World Cup was 24 years ago in 1990. Just months before that World Cup win, the Berlin Wall symbolically fell marking the end of a divided Germany. That period in history was of great significance to the German people. Although reunification of Germany would not be official until later that year, the significance of winning the World Cup after the fall of the Berlin Wall was particularly emotional in the hearts of all Germans.
In the 2014 World Cup Final match between Germany and Argentina, the winning and only goal was scored by Mario Götze, a 22 year old who was not even born when Germany was divided in two. Götze received the ball from teammate André Scurrile, a 23 year old who also was not alive when the Berlin Wall separated the country. In fact, most of the current German National Team and most of the world's younger generation do not remember a time when Germany was separated into East and West. In today's world, Germany is known for its economic strength and as the backbone of the European Union. Many of us cannot even fathom the idea of Germany divided in two.
A strange coincidence that seems to repeat itself in the World Cup: Brazil waited 24 years before winning their fourth World Cup title. Italy waited 24 years before winning their fourth World Cup title. Germany waited 24 years before winning their fourth World Cup title.
Germany has always been a soccer powerhouse. In the history of the World Cup, Germany has finished in the top four 12 times. That is more than half of the total 20 World Cup tournaments held since 1930. This year's win is an exciting win for soccer fans around the world. This World Cup was one of the most exciting and impressive in the modern era and it saw the most talented team win.
Congratulations to Germany, World Cup champions!! Well done to all the other teams who played a phenomenal tournament!! Thank you to Brazil for being such a friendly and gracious host!! Soccer (football) really is the world's game!!



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