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Woodchuck rescued from sewer grate after getting his head caught: Ouch

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How can a woodchuck chuck wood if he gets his head caught in a sewer grate in Danvers, Massachusetts asked the Danvers Department of Public Works on Friday reported It seems the little critter was poking his head up to check local conditions on Old Burley Street when his adorable little head got caught in between the heavy metal bars.

A passerby heard the little critter crying and called the Danvers Police Department for help, so with the aid of the Wenham police and the Danvers Department of Public Works, rescue workers arrived to help free the terrified little critter.

Workers were able to lift the grate and hold it upright as the woodchuck used his own body for leverage to pull his head out of his temporary prison. Once free, he ran away as fast as he could. What not even a thank you?

According to the Boston Globe, Sarah Slavin, a police crime analyst for the Danvers Police Department, stated authorities had been called with a report of an animal "in distress," but animal rescues are not a common occurrence with the department.

I know they rescued some ducklings earlier this spring that fell into a sewer grate, but for the most part, no, not really."

The Humane Society of the United States cautions people never to handle a wild animal without first consulting with a wildlife professional. As in this case of the woodchuck, call authorities and do not attempt to rescue any wild animal; even small animals can injure a person.

Click here to watch the video of the rescue as submitted by Cindi Hudson.

As stated by the narrator of the video after the woodchuck was happily on his way, "You guys are the best!"

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