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Wonderful Weirdos Day: World’s weirdest movies, foods, animals and fashion

Marcelo Gerpe

If non-traditional holidays are your cup of tea, today is your lucky day. Sept. 9 is Wonderful Weirdos Day, an annual "holiday" created by Thomas and Ruth Roy at Wellcat. This yearly occasion celebrates those who refuse to go with the flow.

Wonderful Weirdos Day:  World’s Weirdest Movies, Foods, Drinks, Animals & Fashion
Belovodchenko Anton

If you tend to think outside the box and prefer to march to the beat from another drummer, embrace it! Whether your fashion style, hair style or personality is totally different than everyone else’s, your uniqueness makes you stand out from the crowd and makes you who are you. Remember, many celebrities and famous people have unusual traits that make them stand out.

In honor of Wonderful Weirdos Day, check out these really, really weird lists.

Weirdest Lists

Today is also National I Love Food Day! For more traditional, wacky and downright weird holidays, be sure to visit the number one source for holidays - Holidailys - because every day of the year really IS a holiday!


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