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Women's fashion trend - fit and flare skirts

Long denim skirts are part of the Modesty Movement.
Long denim skirts are part of the Modesty Movement.

Fit and flare skirts are a current fashion trend but they aren’t a new style. Gaining popularity around mid-century, a fit and flare style fits snugly at the waist then flares out at the hemline. This style is also referred to as tulip or bell shaped. Dresses can also be fit and flare style. Many brides choose this style as it is flattering, feminine, and elegant. Fit and flare wedding dresses are often referred to as mermaid, trumpet, or fishtail.

Fashion blogs are showing the fit and flare as a hot look for 2014. On March 17, featured Hollywood celebrity Shailene Woodley as the “Glamour Style Icon of the Week” in a metallic silver fit and flare cocktail dress by Katherine Kidd. If you are not into Hollywood fashion, Pinterest has thousands of pins showing the fit and flare style. One arena where long fit and flare skirts are popular is in the Modesty Fashion sector.

Modesty Fashion is a movement where young ladies and women choose to wear conservative clothing but still be trendy and stylish. Modesty fashion may have its roots in the Mormon, Christian, or Church of God faiths, but many women not affiliated with any religion are now choosing to dress this way. Some examples of modesty fashion include long skirts, long dresses, long sleeved tops and blouses with high necklines, trendy scarves, and tall boots. The objective is to keep the body covered in a fashionable and dignified way. Some great blogs to follow about modesty fashion include Fresh Modesty, The Modest Mom Blog, and Modern Modesty.

eBay shows over 800 listings for fit and flare in the women’s clothing category. Many modesty fashionistas prefer their long skirts to be made of denim as the fabric is durable, does not show dirt as much as other fabrics, and is easy to wash and wear. Also, in the modesty fashion world, sexy slits on skirts are frowned upon so a fit and flare allows ease of movement without revealing too much leg.

Make sure you include the keywords fit and flare, and modesty in the title of your eBay listings so shoppers can easily find your item. Check this video for some listing tips. Remember, conservative dressers have money too – clothing doesn’t have to be ultra-sexy or revealing to sell well on eBay. Learn more about selling women's clothing on eBay.