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Women on the front line of freedom: Answering Boko Haram terror

The tragedy in Nigeria resulting from Boko Haram terrorists kidnapping 250 schoolgirls persists in the face of global condemnation that includes Muslim nations. Radical terrorists like this are nothing more than lawless thugs who operate under the false flag of religious belief. The Nigerian government is culpable in this outrage as reports indicate that the government had advanced intelligence and could have acted more aggressively to try to prevent this from happening. The best that the world can do now is to try to save them, and to make this incident a call to arms for women throughout the world.

Michelle Obama twitter message

Today, Michelle Obama will deliver her husband’s weekly radio address about this situation.

The Guardian reported this morning about the United Nations declaration of “responsibility to protect (R2P).

"Non-state" actors - terrorists, warlords, drug traffickers - are the common enemy of states, east and west - Russia, China, and the US - which otherwise have competing interests.”

The Guardian

When thugs like this act, and the host nations fail to protect, the UN can and should intervene in force.

“Michelle Obama to give weekly radio address on Nigerian girls
First lady will take over from her husband to draw attention to kidnappings ahead of mother's day in the US, Saturday 10 May 2014 01.47 EDT

Michele Obama tweets her support for free the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls.

America's first lady Michelle Obama will deliver her husband's weekly radio address this weekend to draw attention to the plight of the kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria.

As the UN security council on Friday night expressed outrage at the abductions by Islamist militants and demanded their immediate release, a White House spokesman confirmed that Mrs Obama would be making the address ahead of mother's day, which is on Sunday in the US .

"As the mother of two young daughters, Mrs Obama is taking up the opportunity to express outrage and heartbreak the president and she share over the kidnapping," White House deputy spokesman Eric Schultz said.

"The first lady hopes that the courage of these young girls serves as an inspiration... and a call to action for people around the world to fight to ensure that every girl receives the education that is their birthright", he added.

Boko Haram kidnapped more than 250 girls from a secondary school in Chibok in remote northeastern Nigeria on April 14 and has threatened to sell them into slavery, while eight girls were taken from another village earlier this week.”

The UN Security Council

“Boko Haram- a suitable case for UN-approved intervention
• A classic case of 'responsibility to protect'
• Principle designed to prevent atrocities undermined by distrust of UK and others using intervention as means for regime change”

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