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Woman who fears water goes back in time via regression; Part 1

Melissa Baxter is regressed to a past life in which she learns why she fears water.
Melissa Baxter is regressed to a past life in which she learns why she fears water.
By Martha Jette

This Examiner was afforded the opportunity of being a fly on the wall during a past life regression involving a Hamilton, Ontario woman who expressed a great fear of water.

Melissa Baxter, 32, wanted to undergo the past life regression to find out if something happened in a past life that was at the root of her seemingly irrational fear. The regression was held on the evening of April 8, 2014 at the Avalon Mist Wellness Center at 665 Barton Street in the downtown area.

Past life practitioner, Kathleen Bass, led the session by first placing her client into a trance-like state through gentle relaxation commands. She then guided Melissa though an imaginary door that would take her back in time to the day that would be most pivotal for her to find out what she wanted to know.

“When you open that door, you will see what happened,” Kathleen told her adding that whatever she saw or felt would not personally affect her. “What you see is just a story. There is no emotional attachment.”

Melissa said she could see a “blinding white light. It feels like I’m under water… floating.” When asked how she felt, Melissa replied that she felt “at peace.” Asked what she was wearing she said, “A navy blue jacket… it zips up… and I’ve got shoes on.”

Kathleen then instructed her to go back in time by a couple of days and to tell her where she found herself.

“I see pillars… a chain link fence… the ocean.” Melissa added, “It’s summer… a cold summer day… I see cliffs and lots of water. The wind is blowing. It feels like the east coast.”

Kathleen asked her how old she was and Melissa replied, “Nine or 10,” but she could not give her a name.

When asked if anyone was with her she replied, “No.”

“I want you to go for a walk,” Kathleen said. “Look around and tell me what you see.”

“An older car… like in the 50's… there’s a man… in the driver’s seat,” Melissa noted. “I think I know him.”

When asked if she liked him, Melissa replied, “He’s a father figure… but he’s not concerned about me. I’m getting into the car… he’s reading the newspaper and listening to the radio.”

Kathleen, a most likable and sensitive soul, then asked her how she felt about this man.

“I feel alone. There are no other children around.”

She then described driving up a hill and seeing a big house with a large rear garden. Melissa noted, “My father is very busy and I spend a lot of time alone. I have imaginary friends.”

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