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Woman using two cellphones sentenced for killing another driver

On Thursday, The Mirror News reported that a woman will spend time in prison for killing another driver in a fatal accident. Marina Usaceva texted on two phones simultaneously while driving. She crashed her green Jaguar into the back of Sukhdeep Singh Johal, who died at the scene. The accident was a three-vehicle crash. Usaceva denied using her phone during the crash, but her phone records proved otherwise. Prosecutor Georgina Gibbs said Usaceva continued to deny the charges after presented with the evidence.

Marina Usaceva will spend six years in jail for killing a man while driving and using two cellphones.
The Sun Facebook page

Judge Sean Enright through the book at Usaceva and sentenced the single mother to six years in prison. She will also lose her driving privileges for eight years. The fatal accident happened last year.

Moreover, Usaceva is no stranger to violating driving laws. In 2009 and 2012, she got into trouble for driving while using her phone. Judge Enright said he did not believe the woman had any remorse and that using cell phones while driving is a plague on society. Evidence proved that she sent a text message, made a call and received three incoming calls minutes before killing Johal.

The prosecutor said the woman drove at least 70mph in a 60mph zone. Witnesses estimated she drove faster than 70mph. The Gov.UK website bans drivers from driving or riding a motorcycle while using a hand-held device. The only exception is the driver can call 999 or 112 in an emergency situation. However, it must be safe for the driver to do so. The rules even apply to immobile vehicles. Penalties include points and fines against the driver. Major offenses can lead to a suspended license.

American laws are not as strict as England’s. Drivers can use their cellphones while they drive. Currently, some states permit texting while driving, but some states are beginning to crack down on this unsafe practice.

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