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Woman tries to stop plane at Halifax Airport: Woman thought hubby was cheating

Woman tries to stop plane at Halifax Airport: Woman thought hubby was cheating
Woman tries to stop plane at Halifax Airport: Woman thought hubby was cheating
Halifax Airport / Wikimedia Commons

Try as she might, the woman was not able to stop the plane. The small aircraft lifted up, into the sky, and all hope of catching the plane was lost. Sounds like the emotive and tear-jerking conclusion to a quixotic comedy – but this is real life, and running onto the tarmac looking for lost or unrequited love (or a little revenge) will earn you nothing more that some hard questions from the police, and perhaps some jail time to boot.

Why did an unnamed 37-year-old woman attempt to stop a plane Sunday morning at the Halifax Airport in Nova Scotia, Canada? She evidently wanted to confront her husband, whom she expected was cheating on her. We do know that she was quite determined – The woman climbed over a 6-meter (20-foot) barbed wire fence before she was run down by airport security.

Reports Canada’s National Post on Aug. 10: “The 37-year-old woman reportedly believed her partner was onboard an aircraft and was trying to stop its departure.”

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sgt. Al LeBlanc said: “It’s very unusual. I’ve never seen such an incident in my many years of policing. Thankfully this lady was apprehended very quickly.”

A spokesperson for the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Peter Spurway, said officials inside of the control tower spotted the woman instantly and called security. She was only on the tarmac for a few minutes before she was detained.

“I’ve been there eight years and this is a first for me,” said Spurway. “It is not an easy thing to scale that fence.”

The woman, a resident of Fall River, a small town near the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. Police say they likely will not press charges.

Reports UPI: “The 37-year-old woman wanted to keep the plane from taking off because she thought that her husband was leaving to see another woman.”

However, airport officials said the woman’s hubby was not even on the plane, which means that he is very good at being duplicitous, or else this lady is just plain nuts.

“Her intent was to stop the aircraft from taking off,” said LeBlanc. “She jumped the security fence, but she was nowhere near the aircrafts. The airport staff and the Mounted Police responded right away and apprehended her. We contacted her partner who indicated that he was not on the aircraft.”

Thank goodness.

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