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Woman tries to kill husband by injecting feces into his IV

The AZ Central news site reports that Rosemary Vogel, 55, is in big trouble for trying to kill her husband with feces.

Rosemary Vogel, 55, attempted to inject feces into her husband's IV.
AZ Central website

On Thursday, officials charged Vogel with first-degree murder after she tried to inject feces into her husband’s IV at Chandler Regional Hospital in Arizona.

After Vogel had removed her husband’s IV, staff received an electronic warning that something was wrong with the IV pump. When staff entered the room, they caught Vogel trying to insert a dark substance (identified as fecal matter) into her husband’s IV.

When Vogel tried to ditch the evidence, a nurse confiscated it. Authorities found three other syringes in Vogel’s purse. At least one contained fecal matter. The story didn’t identify the substances in the other two syringes. Ironically, Vogel is a nurse and former hospital employee.

The story didn’t provide a reason for the attack.

Read more about this strange murder by feces attempt at the AZ Central website.

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