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Woman sticks hand in lion cage, lion severs finger: Woman holds zoo responsible

A woman who wanted to pet the lion at the zoo apparently saw no reason not to stick her hand in the lion cage. That is until she pulled her hand back out without her finger.

A woman put her hand in the lion's cage to pet the lion and it bit off her finger. She is suing the zoo.
Wikimedia Commons

According to Perez Hilton on July 31, Renae Ferguson was visiting a Michigan zoo called Sunrise Side Nature Trail and Exotic Park when the incident happened. There are two sides to every story and the zoo and Ferguson are telling polar opposite stories on how she got near the lion.

She is claiming that a zoo worker actually let her pet one of the “beautiful lions.” Zoo officials say she ignored all the warning signs that are posted and she got into the cage despite being told not to.

Her visit at the zoo only got worse from that point on. After putting her hand deliberately in harm’s way, the woman is faulting the zoo for her loss of a digit, according to the Mail Online today.

Her claim is that it is the zoo’s fault for not stopping her from sticking her hand in a cage with ferocious lions. To add insult to injury Ferguson said that the workers didn’t seem to care that the lion just tore off her finger. They were more interested in covering their hides.

Ferguson, who was visiting the zoo with her daughter, said that she was “simply petting the big cat when it suddenly snapped.” She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her middle finger laying on the ground.

“I put my hand down there to pet it and it ripped my finger,” she told the media. She is claiming that when the owners of the zoo found out that the lion had bit her, they told her not to say anything to anyone about the incident.

Her daughter, who was with her at the time, collaborates her story. First of all she is an adult and she must have had some idea that lions are wild and dangerous. A good majority of the fault for her finger being severed does fall back on her.

Although it was her own fault that she got bit, if it was that easy for her to put her hand in a lion’s cage, what about a small child who happens along? Just how easy was it for Ferguson to “pet” the lions?

She has hired an attorney and plans to sue the zoo. This incident does bring to light that the zoo isn’t keeping their ferocious animals completely out of reach of the zoo visitors. Again, this could cause a tragedy if a small child has the same hankering to pet a “beautiful lion.”

From the pictures released of the zoo, it looks like a single chain-link fence is all that separates the visitors from the lions. The spaces in the link fence are big enough for anyone to get a finger or two in there, where the lion can bite it off. What do you think, who's fault is it that her finger was severed?

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