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Woman suitcase border: AZ Immigration agents foil human smuggling attempt

"Woman suitcase border" story update: Border Protection officers and U.S. Customs agents say the woman who was found hiding inside luggage last month in Arizona, has a history of similar behavior. The Thai national and a man are facing human smuggling charges and deportation in the illegal immigration attempt, according to a Jan. 8 CNN report.

A U.S. Border Patrol patrol searches for undocumented immigrants and drug smugglers on February 26, 2013 near Sonoita, Arizona.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

A 48-year-old woman tried to sneak into the United States in a suitcase loaded in the back of an SUV on Dec. 30 at the U.S. and Mexican border in Nogales, AZ.

Immigration and Border officers conducted an inspection of the vehicle, as a matter of routine. And after looking into the back of a Honda SUV, which was driven by a 56-year-old Phoenix resident, they made the startling discovery.

On the soft side of some luggage was a woman hiding inside underneath clothing ( pictured here). Moreover, she was in such a fetal position, as if she were a contortionist.

Rarely do we see something like this. You can imagine the (border) officers' surprise when they came upon this woman crammed inside a suitcase, but there she was," said Edith Serrano, a spokeswoman for US Customs and Border Protection.

Newsy says the woman was just denied, excluded, and deported from the United States just over a week ago in Los Angeles.

A woman caught sneaking into the United States in a suitcase underscores the desperation many people have to escape from their native land for better opportunity. Moreover, it highlights how Congress must move to pass a bipartisan immigration bill. Unless lawmakers do, the situation, which has human rights implications, will only get worse.

The case has been turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, where the man is being held until formal charges or actions -- if any -- are brought against him.

More to come on the "woman suitcase border" story.


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