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Woman sentenced to five years in prison for false rape allegation

Sara Ylen arrested for false rape allegations
Sara Ylen arrested for false rape allegations
Sara Ylen/Sanilac County Sheriff’s office

A woman in Michigan was sentenced to at least five years in prison for filing false allegations of rape against two men. Her sentence was handed down by the judge just a few days after she pleaded no contest to a cancer scam.

Sara Ylen, 38 received a sentence that exceeded the guidelines however; St. Clair County Judge Daniel Kelly insists that had he followed the sentencing guidelines it would have been a “travesty of justice.”

In December 2013, a jury found Sara Ylen guilty of making up the story that the two men attacked her in her home. Ylen was also convicted of tampering with evidence for creating fake bruises on her skin with makeup.

The two men, a construction company owner and a state mental health worker were accused of breaking into her home and raping her in 2012. Both men knew her ex-husband through their church.

The judge commented on the false allegations stated that had the two men not had “air tight alibi’s” they could have had charges filed against them. Also helping their case was the fact that from the beginning police officers who responded to Ylen’s allegations doubted her story.

This isn’t the first time Sara Ylen had accused someone of rape. In 2001, Ylen accused James Grissom of raping her in a parking lot at a major retail store. Grissom was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years in prison; however he was released from prison in 2012 when the judge threw out his rape conviction.

Police officers determined that Ylen had made up the rape allegations against Grissom. Grissom spent 11 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

James Grissom appeared in court for Ylen’s sentencing and sat directly behind her. After hearing her sentence, Grissom said it was a “slap on the wrist.”

In her previous case where she pleaded no contest for a cancer scam, Ylen received and kept thousands of dollars from supporters and accepting treatment from a hospice service for two years.

Ylen claimed she had end-stage cervical cancer that has metastasized throughout her entire body. However, after investigating her story, the state police found absolutely no evidence that Ylen had ever received a diagnosis of cancer.

The investigation resulted in Sara Ylen pleading no contest to fraud in Sanilac County. Judge Kelly said in court Friday, “This is a tormented and disturbed woman who will go to extraordinary lengths to wreak havoc upon other individuals, potentially subjecting them to life in prison in order to gain sympathy and notoriety for herself.”

Sara Ylen was sentenced to a minimum of two years in prison on the false rape allegations and a minimum of three years in prison for evidence tampering.

The two sentences will run consecutively and the state parole board will be responsible for deciding how long she will serve before being released.

Prosecutor Suzette Samuels stated, “This was justice in its best form.”

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