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Woman eats mattress after sex? ‘My Strange Addiction’ reveals bizarre craving

What comes after sex? According to a woman named Jennifer (who doesn’t use her last name,) eating a piece of the mattress is next. On “My Strange Addition,” the bizarre craving of mattress eating is highlighted. According to Seven News on Friday, the latest addition highlighted on the show has the women’s family concerned as eating a mattress isn’t normal.

The mattress eating woman, prefers the top, shorter section of the bed and by the time she gets down to the springs she needs to purchase another to start again. If that wasn’t bizarre enough, her confession of needed to eat some of the mattress after sex to feel satisfied certainly will catch the attention of the viewers. It might make viewers cringe, but people seem to enjoy this bizarre show, which is now in its fifth season.

Some viewers might wonder what happens in the digestive process after eating a mattress. According to the woman, absolutely nothing. What she puts in her mouth comes out the same way. Her body isn’t digesting or breaking down the pieces of fabric, foam or plastic she eats, which is why she eats small chunks.

“My Strange Addiction” has always brought real people’s addictions to the world. Offering a glimpse into someone’s life and revealing what they have to do (or eat) every day to be comforted is the reason this reality show is so popular.

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