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Woman dating an outlaw biker wants advice

Woman dating an outlaw biker wants advice

I’ve received several letters like this from women all over the nation. The problem with addressing this kind of question is . . . the answer is usually different with each club and the lady doesn’t want to give me any details about who her man rides with.

‘Outlaw’ by definition means “somebody who is rebellious or flouts the law” so when motorcycle cubs get a certain reputation for doing things ‘THIS’ way; you can bet they’ll change it. They never like to be ‘predictable’ about anything.

Another thing is the women want to remain anonymous (which is sensible). They never tell me which club her man rides with (which is very sensible). If she gives me too much information and is found out; she and her man could be in trouble.

I completely understand the situation the woman is in, so I’m going to start a series of articles, crafting information that will hopefully help women that are trying to make wise decisions concerning these new ‘men’ in their lives.

There is a journalist that posts ‘Top 10 Lists’ and one of his lists is Top Ten American Biker Gangs. I don’t agree with him 100% on some of the clubs he mentions, but he comes pretty close – and I’d say he’s close enough to help me in what I have to say.

My husband has been a close associate and blood family (1%er and 100%er) for over 40 years. I have been with him and his family since 1990. He used to party with the clubs and supply food and ‘party favors’ for them. Then he turned 180 degrees and is now an ordained minister. He marries and buries them and we consider them our closest family and friends.

Like I said earlier, I don’t know EVERYTHING about ALL BIKER CLUBS and if I do ever learn everything, you can be sure the clubs will change something . . . so outsiders won’t know everything about them.

I’ll start with Property Patches for biker women (click on link for complete information). Most citizens (non bikers) find property patches disgusting. However, after you’ve been around a while, you’ll come to find out; the patch isn’t tagging the woman as a slave. It’s pointing out to other bikers which women are with which clubs . . . and declaring “If you mess with this woman, you’ll have to reckon with all our members.” In other words, they insist that their ladies be shown respect!

At the same time, they expect their wives behave properly, keep protocols and reasonable sobriety when she’s not with her husband. Club women must show a great deal of wisdom. Without it, she could conceivably cause trouble for the entire club and of course, that would end up causing trouble for her.

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