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Woman arrested for smuggling pounds of cocaine in breast implants

A woman gets arrested in Madrid for trying to smuggle cocaine in breast implants.
A woman gets arrested in Madrid for trying to smuggle cocaine in breast implants.
Empato and MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images

A Venezuelan woman was arrested in Madrid for attempting to smuggle nearly four pounds of cocaine in her breast implants, giving new meaning to the word “bust.” The mule flying in from Bogota may have gotten away with it under different circumstances; nerves, smart cops and a terrible plastic surgeon played into her demise. The arrest happened earlier this month, but was reported on Friday.

Turns out the narcotics officers in Spain are on the lookout for things like this, especially from passengers arriving from countries like Colombia, which is rich in the drug-trafficking world. Police noticed the 43-year old drug mule was acting suspicious upon arrival. After checking her luggage and coming up empty, female officials at Madrid’s Barajas International airport performed a body search and noticed that both of the woman’s breasts were unnaturally misshapen. That’s when the woman confessed to hiding the 1.7 kilograms of cocaine inside her body.

The treasure chest (pun intended) is reportedly worth $2.5 million. The woman had the implants surgically removed at a nearby hospital and was detained for “an alleged crime against public health.” This year so far, Madrid’s airport narcotics team has made 189 arrests and confiscated roughly 500 kilograms of cocaine and six kilos of heroin.

This is not the first unsuccessful attempt of a woman trying to smuggle drugs inside breast implants; it’s not even the first time it’s been attempted in Spain. Authorities in Barcelona’s El Prat airport found 1.3 kilograms of cocaine, in a traveller also arriving from Colombia, after noticing blood seeping from her bandages in 2012. Other creative but strange methods of smuggling drugs include diapers, wigs and arm casts.