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Wizards of the Coast releases new 'Magic Online' beta client

New Magic Online screenshots
New Magic Online screenshots
Wizards of the Coast

Today Wizards of the Coast released the beta preview of the new "Magic Online" user interface. For the next nine days, "Magic: The Gathering" players will be able to play using the new redesigned UI until July 25, 2012.

New Magic Online login screen
Wizards of the Coast

Several additional enhancements have been made to the client beyond its look.

"Magic Online" now only takes five minutes to download instead of two hours. At 5:05 P.M EST I began to download the new "Magic Online" client, and it was installed before I finished publishing this article.

There's also a new and improved drafting and deck building screen. Players can build their deck and sideboard in the middle of a draft.

Another useful new feature is that players don't need to keep switching back and forth between tabs while brewing a deck. The card collection and deck editor have been combined into one, with a robust card filter to help find the ideal cards for your deck.

"Magic Online" now also supports multiple monitors and is better with high resolution screens thanks to the new floating windows.

For more information about the updated "Magic Online" client, read this article by Monty Ashley on

You can download the new "Magic Online" beta client here.

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