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Witty preparation for a very Muslim Valentine's Day

With the 'holiday of love' a mere two weeks away, here's a reposting of the popular Muslim pickup lines article from 2009.

Introducing Muslim Pick-up Lines, for married & Muslim lovers.

Go up to your spouse, lean in toward the ear and whisper, "Salaam..."

  1. *If a great smile is charity, then you've just made me a rich man
  2. *Smile for me, it's sunnah
  3. Wanna date? I have two in my pocket.
  4. *Is your name Jannah, because when I look at you I see paradise
  5. *You wanna be my first wife? No? What about the second?
  6. I just saw your hair. I guess that means we have to get married now. And have lots of babies.
  7. *My name is Abu Bakr, and I'm hoping you'll be Umm Bakr ;)
  8. *Are you sunni or shia, how about su-shi? Pick you up at 8
  9. *My mom wants your number.
  10. *If I could rearrange the alphabet I'd put 'wow' and 'ya' together (spells "we" using Arabic letters; knowledge of Arabic is a must for this one)
  11. Is your name Naseeba?, because you are mine ('naseeb' means 'destiny'. Knowledge is Arabic is a must for this one)
  12. *I'm a doctor.
  13. *My name is Mustafa Dar and and my initials match my profession. ;)
  14. *I won't break your heart, afterall I'm a cardiologist OR
  15. *Tell your parents your heart is safe in my hands. Translation: I'm a cardiovascular surgeon

(Obviously the last four are to be used if you are, in fact, a doctor)

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