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Witness the raising of the Costa Concordia in a dramatic time lapse video

If you're among the masses who are intrigued with the raising of the capsized Costa Concordia off the coast of the Tuscan Island of Giglio you really need to watch this amazing time lapse video.

The Costa Concordia salvage operation was big success
Marco Secchi/Getty Image

One of the most daring feats ever accomplished, the 114,000-ton former luxury liner has been lifted from the sea and now sits on her hull in all her former splendor (although she won't be sailing anywhere except to the shipyard where she is scheduled to be scrapped).

The ship, which is owned by Costa Cruises a subsidiary of Carnival Cruises and launched in 2006, capsized 18-months ago when the Captain steered her too close to the shoreline of the tiny Tuscan island of Giglio. Nearly three dozen people were killed and scores injured as a result of the major mishap. The irony of it all is that the Concordia was built to "amaze" according to Costa brochures and promotional materials and we guess it has and will even more once this landmark bold attempt begins. (It will be the heaviest vessel ever lifted from the sea, if all goes well).