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Wisk Deep Clean Power Blasts review: Well performing laundry detergent

Wisk Deep Clean Power Blasts provide great laundry cleaning in a convenient gel pack.
Wisk Deep Clean Power Blasts provide great laundry cleaning in a convenient gel pack.
Sun Products Corp

Wisk Deep Clean Power Blasts offer another choice in laundry detergent gel packs, which provide a quick and easy drop-in dose of cleaning power with no need for measuring, spillage or mess.

Sun Products Corporation provided me with a free sample package of Wisk Deep Clean Power Blasts in exchange for an honest review. I continued using my normal pre-treatment spray, fabric softener and chlorine bleach in white loads. I use a regular top-loading washing machine, though Power Blasts work with front-loading HE machines as well.

You should add Power Blasts, as with most laundry detergents, to the machine prior to adding your laundry.

I've used Wisk detergents in the past due to their combination of good performance in the washing machine along with frequent sales and coupons that make them an exceptional value. I hadn't previously tried the Power Blasts, but have tried other brands of gel packs or pods. I didn't find most of them terribly impressive, even Tide Pods, which cost a hefty 27 cents a load if you buy a large container at Walmart for $15.47.

Wisk Power Blasts come in bags of 24 packets with instructions to use one for medium loads and two for large or heavily soiled loads. However, I found that one pack cleaned my laundry sufficiently well, with no need to use two, even for large loads. Walmart sells Power Blasts for about $4.77, or roughly 20 cents a load when using one pack at a time.

This puts them around the same price as All Mighty Pacs and slightly more expensive than Purex Ultra Packs, assuming that you can get away with using only one pack per load with those brands.

Clothes washed with the Wisk Power Blasts came out clean and smelling freshly laundered. The detergent leaves no lingering scent and seemed to sufficiently remove odors from body oils and cologne. Many brands of detergent have trouble getting rid of cologne smells, so I was particularly impressed when my Wisk Power Blasts laundry passed the sniff test.

I accidentally washed a white sock and a pair of white underwear with the colored clothes and saw no resulting color transfer or darkening of the white apparel. Wisk Power Blasts even removed some stains that I forgot to pre-treat before laundering.

While gel packs might cost a little more at the store than powder or liquid detergent, you may end up spending less in the long run, particular compared to liquid laundry detergent. Many folks often use more detergent than they need to, filling up the measuring container to the top, when it may only need partially filled. Using a gel pack or pod guarantees that you always use the same amount, with the option to use a second pack if you have a particularly dirty load.

I'm adding Wisk Power Blasts to my list of go-to laundry detergents and will look for them when Wisk products have sales or coupons.

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