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Wisconsin lumberjacks rescue bear stuck by his head in a milk can

How many Wisconsin lumberjacks does it take to rescue a curious black bear whose head is stuck in a milk can in a field? The answer is two, and if you are unfamiliar with the term "forwarder" as a piece of farm equipment attached to a tractor, just think of those "claw machines" you most likely have used at amusement parks; the ones used to "capture" that stuffed animal prize for one of the kids?

A curious bear searching for some easy food got caught in an "uncanny" position.
YouTube/ Vern Styles screen freeze shot

According to, the Rice Lake logger, Garrett Smith helped the bear get out of an "un-canny" situation. The amazing video was filmed by the landowner.

When Smith spotted the helpless bear with his head stuck, he just couldn't let the animal die of starvation or suffocate, but there's a lot of truth about angry bears, and how does one approach any bear - especially one in a panic mode with those amazingly sharp claws able to do some profound damage to anyone even getting close?

Watch as Smith, with the precision of a master machine operator, grabs a hold of the milk can, and lifts the bear off the ground which gives the bear the opportunity to wiggle out of his metal helmet. Not a hair on the bear's back was disturbed.

The bear then takes off - doubtful he'll make that mistake again, but black bears are opportunists and always looking for easy food sources. Maybe this guy will stick to garbage cans and bird feeders next time.

The good news is that no one was hurt - neither bear nor human.

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