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2014 Winter Olympics

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Winter Olympics: Russian cops kill, arrest Islamic terrorists

A Russian anti-terrorism police unit shot and killed the suspected mastermind of the Volgograd suicide bombings in Russia's Dagestan region during a pre-Olympics operation on Wednesday , according to counterterrorism expert and former police lieutenant Nelson Pieter.

Russia is in the midst of major anti-terrorism operations prior to the opening of the 2014 Winter Olympic

This latest counterterrorism action was conducted during the largest security operation in Olympic history for the Sochi Winter Games which are opening on Friday in Russia's Dagestan region.

The suspected Muslim terrorist, 30-year-old Dzhamaldin Mirzayev, died during an exchange of gunfire, as did an unidentified man, after they began shooting at the officers who surrounded their hideout, Pieter told the Examiner.

A third man also surrendered on Wednesday during the police siege in the town of Izberbash.

Two Muslim terrorists allegedly killed 34 people in two separate bomb attacks in Volgograd -- formerly known as Stalingrad -- on consecutive days in late December 2013.

The bombers were officially identified last week as Asker Samedov and Suleyman Magomedov, members of an Islamist militant group based in Dagestan. Two men suspected of helping them were also arrested in Dagestan.

Since the two Volgograd bombings, there have been frequent gun battles in Dagestan, a Russian district that has been the home base for Islamist terrorists in recent years after the conflicts in the neighboring Muslim stronghold of Chechnya.

In a video posted online by a group calling itself Vilayat Dagestan, two men who appear to be Samedov and Magomedov warned President Vladimir Putin to expect a "present" at the Winter Olympics which begin on Friday, Feb. 7, 2014.

The Vilayat Dagestan, is a Salafist terrorist group under the umbrella of the Caucasus Emirate, who have claimed responsibility for most of the recent suicide attacks in Volgograd.

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