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Wine versus Beer: Who Wins the Argument?

Don Vion Corleone and Beer Hunter
Don Vion Corleone and Beer Hunter
Alex Hillsberg,

A recent info-graphic article neatly summed the current status of wine and beer lovers in a number of key areas. In fact, it was all about numbers and demographics with some interesting observations. There are those that are strictly beer or wine lovers, but the majority of drinkers have enjoyed both at various times. On a blisteringly hot day in Cancun a Corona cerveza would be more welcome than a California Zinfandel. On a chilly night in Taos, that Zin would taste much better.

The two proponents in this debate are Don Vino Corleone and Beer Hunter. Really? Are these supposed to be stereotypical proponents? And the beer hunter is the only one with a gun? That aside there were many fascinating facts presented.

The health benefits of wine have been written about extensively, but beer also possesses significant health benefits. It is much easier on the kidneys for example; although that comes with many more trips to the bathroom. The isolation of Resveratrol, the key ingredient in red wine that guards against clotting of arteries (the French Paradox) makes it easy for anyone to enjoy those benefits without even drinking wine.

Of course it is a lot more fun getting Resveratrol from wine, but it requires drinking so much one’s kidneys will take a beating. Flavonoids in red wine also protect against sunburn; unless one falls asleep in their lounge chair while sunning themselves. As one can see; health benefits must be taken with a grain of salt.

Which country drinks the most beer? Germany? Nope, the Czech Republic, followed by Austria, Germany and Ireland and the US comes in 15th. Who drinks the most wine? Vatican City. One wonders who has the contract for wine delivery to the Vatican. It must be quite lucrative. Number two was Norfolk Island (Australia) and now we know how they deal with island fever. Those HMS Bounty seamen obviously never lost their taste for suds.

There will be many more amazing revelations coming in follow-ups to this article.

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