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Wine tastings at WineStyles satisfy your thirst for knowledge about wine


For a reasonable monthly fee, wine club members can sample up to eight wines a week, and leave with two bottles and an endless supply of unique wine recommendations.         


In a strip mall on

Cascade Road

in southwest
, the classy WineStyles sign is hard to miss.  It's a welcoming beacon to wine connoisseurs and dabblers alike.  Each Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon, the stylishly designed wine shop, one of five in the metro Atlanta area, holds a wine tasting for members of its wine club and anyone else who wishes to "taste, learn and enjoy" a wine from each of eight categories:  bubbly, crisp, silky, rich, fruity, mellow, bold, and nectar.   


Belinda Stubblefield, the WineStyles/Cascade store's knowledgeable proprietor, greets customers personally and enjoys sharing the history of each of her featured wines.  "Seven Sisters is a unique label from
South Africa
," she explains as she pours a generous sample.  "Their Bukettraube-Odelia is from our crisp style.  Did you know that each of their wines bears the name and personality of a sister?" 


At last Saturday's wine tasting, one of the most popular offerings was at rich dessert wine in the nectar category called Rietvallei Muscadel, also from
South Africa
.  It's warming served straight, but Rietvallei also recommends serving it on crushed ice with fresh strawberries. Another favorite was One Last Kiss Red, a chocolate-fruit flavored blend of Zinfandel and Syrah, from Napa Valley's Scott Harvey line.  

See more great ways to serve Rietvallei Muscadel 


Customer Denise Whiting-Pack has been a member of the WineStyles/Cascade wine club since the shop opened three years ago.  "I always loved sweet white wines and know a lot about them, but for health reasons, I decided to switch to reds.  This has been the perfect way to learn which reds I like.  The sommelier here is excellent," she said. As her friends raised a toast to WineStyles, Whiting-Pack added, "And I love having a place right here in the community to relax with my friends." 


For more information about WineStyles Cascade, its wine club prices, or the weekly wine tastings, drop by the store at 3752 Cascade Road, SW, Atlanta 30331, or visit their Web site. For a list of other WineStyles stores in the metro Atlanta area, click here .     

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