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Williams Tea Party: the 1st Amendment protects only the Christian faith

The American Taliban
The American Taliban
Living Blue In Texas

On February 24th, 2014, the Williams Tea Party of Coconino County, Arizona confirmed what millions of Americans have already known for years: The Tea Party is anything but libertarian.

The group has rallied to defend Arizona's proposed "right to discriminate bill", not by standing by the usual complaints about state rights or freedom, but by insisting that "the First Amendment protects only the practice of the Christian faith."

That is quite literally their opening statement.

The First Amendment protects only the practice of the Christian faith.

The Arizona Republic gathered the twenty, or so, protestors against S.B. 1062 close together for a photo to place on the front cover of their Thursday edition. The gathering together is an attempt to show that thousands of protestors came to their demonstration.

In the center of the photo they placed a guy who just happens to be able to afford the tab-collar clergy shirt with a sign about how religions should be against this legislation. I am not sure from which Internet “U” this person obtained his certification, but they certainly had no requirement to read the Bible.

The "columnists" at the Republic are in full swing typing out their indignation at the "discrimination."

Of course, when you are dealing with a group of people who get their Constitutional training from the Salon and Russia Today web sites, it is difficult for them to understand that this legislation should never have been written. You see, there is already a law that protects the right of those of the Christian faith to not serve those who are clearly abhorrent to that faith.

It's called the First Amendment.

The group then proceeds to quote, and deliberately misinterpret, the section of the Constitution which states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

"The First Amendment was meant only to protect the Christian faith," they once again insist. "When the founders spoke of religion, they meant the Christian religion. They did not have to keep saying the Christian religion because everyone knew that is what they were talking about."

But no matter how many times they say it, they will still be wrong.

When the Founding Father said "religion," they meant "religion," plain and simple. Christianity is never once singled out except in the perverted fantasies of an American Taliban masquerading as libertarians.

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