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William Mistele on communing with 'Mermaids, Sylphs, Gnomes and Salamanders'

I have to say this is one of the most unique interviews on Examiner I have ever done. William Mistele is the author of Mermaids, Sylphs, Gnomes & Salamanders: Dialogues with the Kings & Queens of Nature. He most assuredly professes to commune with these beings. I do believe there are elementals and faerie and energetic beings that govern nature so to speak. I have to admit William has a way of putting it eloquently in a way I've most assuredly never seen before. Best to shuffle off to the ethereal realms and read the interview to understand. Presenting.

William Mistele on communing with 'Mermaids, Sylphs, Gnomes & Salamanders'
William Mistele on communing with 'Mermaids, Sylphs, Gnomes & Salamanders'
William Mistele on communing with 'Mermaids, Sylphs, Gnomes & Salamanders'
Mermaids energetically among us

1. William could you tell us your prime motivation behind writing Mermaids, Sylphs, Gnomes & Salamanders: Dialogues with the Kings & Queens of Nature?

WM: I have interviewed individuals who say, “I have always known I am a part of nature. It is embedded in my very core,” or “I am the sea.” Or, as one girl said, “I am a part of so much more than this world that we see.”

I have been studying the auras of people for forty years. I am still amazed when I encounter individuals whose auras reflect some aspect of nature such as an arctic bay, the North Atlantic, a West wind, or a magma chamber beneath the earth. I love it when I meet nature in human form.

The material of my book arises from following the practices of the Czech magician, Franz Bardon (1909-1958). Beginning with his training manual, Initiation into Hermetics, and in his other books he strongly encourages his students to meet and to learn all they can from the kings and queens of the elements in nature. He gives the names and briefly describes thirty-two of the most powerful elementals on earth.

Since I love nature I could have sailed around the planet as friends have done, discovered new fish off the reefs in the Philippines, or climbed Mount Everest. But I choose instead to meet some of these beings who help maintain the integrity of biosphere.

These elemental beings embody the primordial powers of nature that we describe in human terms as intelligence, love, will power, and internal silence. Our psychologies and religions have barely begun to explore what human beings can become when we make nature a part of ourselves.

2. So are you actually saying you are having communication with these beings in an understandable dialogue and how does that takes place exactly?

WM: If one is receptive enough, you can ask a question of any spiritual being and there is always a response. If you still your mind and wait, you receive an impression. You can then translate that impression into words and ideas and call it telepathy. You can translate it into visualize images and call it clairvoyance. You can translate it into a sensation and call it clair-feeling.

Sometimes one impression you receive is like an entire book. The spiritual being shares with you not just ideas but the very innermost essence of its being. It is all there—its commission, its source of inspiration, the nature and expression of its power, its experiences with the human race, and its deepest desires and dreams.

The challenge for me is to find something within my own experience that enables me to understand and then through the use of language or art communicate what I have received. These beings do not use words and ideas to think, evaluate, or to act; they have been here long before human religions came into existence; they are basically immortal; and some have powers of perception beyond what any human being has ever experienced.

All the same, there is a kind of stream of consciousness in the interaction that is exactly like talking to another person—the spirit will say, “I haven’t seen you for while. You look good. Would you like to continue from where we left off last time?” Kind of like that.

I can do the same with human beings. If I ask in my mind to someone I know, “How are you?” She immediately replies mind to mind, “Oh, not happy.” “Why?” I ask. “My daughter is having conflicts.”

But we are not using words. I get her exact feelings in her response. And then I get a picture and a feeling which is how she views her daughter from inside of her mind. Her feelings include her own inner connection to her daughter which I experience as she experiences it. The words I use to express this are a translation, even as we ourselves use words to express our own perceptions and experiences.

3. Could you share information from lets say the Mermaids with us?

WM: I work closely with a few of the mermaid queens. For example, one in three times when I fly Hawaiian or Delta Airlines to the mainland from Hawaii it is as if the mermaid queens have arranged for a certain person to sit down next to me. The mermaid queens want me to use my conflict resolution abilities or empathy to assist either a mermaid who is here in human from or someone who is involved with this race of beings.

There are examples mentioned in history of mermaids who live among us in human form. I am a greeter to such mermaids. I literally say to certain women who are actually mermaids, “If you have any questions you want answered about being in this world or if there is anything I can help you with I will see what I can do.” There are perhaps twelve women who I have interviewed who say to me that I am the only one to whom they have revealed who they really are.

I discuss with these women how the rules of their realm of mermaids are completely different from the rules that operate in human culture. Mermaids have immense powers of empathy—beyond human understanding. And yet in spite of that, some of them say to me, “I have never felt a mean thought in my life” and so they cannot comprehend how human beings can be cruel.

The reason I can recognize such mermaids in women’s bodies is because I have spent a lot of time interacting with mermaids in their own realm. There is this problem that plagues all spiritual beings who live among us. There is no User’s Manual lying next to the crib when they are born that explains that they are not human and then goes on to list the motivations and purposes of the human race. These children start out thinking they are human but at some point in childhood they figure out on their own that they are not like anyone they have ever met.

I describe the psychology of mermaids in some of my unpublished works, Mermaid Women and How to Speak Mermaid. Mermaid women possess a personality type never before described. They are not at all like mermaids presented in literature.

Some of these mermaid women have repeatedly incarnated among us. But in the past they have kept their identities secret. Human beings either want to possess them or destroy them. Part of this is because human beings have never been exposed to the pure elemental vibration of water that exists in their auras. People tell me that being around them they feel five times more alive. And though you return to normal when you leave their presence, nonetheless you feel half dead.

The water element in mermaids animates and makes fully alive whoever they are near. They nurture and they love spontaneously without hesitation. But for human beings the experience of knowing a mermaid in human form is often like taking cocaine—you feel larger than life when around them and then anxiety and withdrawal symptoms arise when you leave their presence. As a result many of them are very adept at disguising and hiding what they feel and think from human beings. They must fabricate a social identity like an actor playing a role in order to survive among us.

4. Who are all these beings exactly origins wise and is it usual for them to be involved in the affairs of humanity?

WM: Elemental beings, according to the Western hermetic tradition of magic, are composed of one element. The sylphs are made from the element of air. The mermaids are of water. The salamanders are of fire. And the gnomes are of earth. Human beings, by contrast, are composed of five elements—earth, air, fire, water, and the fifth element of akasha.

There are of course many other kinds of beings who exist on the astral plane. For example, there are a number of creatures similar to mermaids. But the mermaid by definition has just the one element of water. Love is the essence of their being. There is simply no other motivation there.

As Homo sapiens, we evolved through interactions with the physical world. And yet we have souls and these souls, according to many traditions, live on after death on the astral plane. There are, however, many kinds of beings in addition to elemental beings that do not require physical bodies in order to evolve.

The origin of the human soul as well as of angels and elemental beings is somewhat mysterious. If I ask the sylph Cargoste about his origins he says, “Do I recall my beginning and how I came into being? The sky was not always blue. It was more red with a purplish hue and great fiery wastes were the earth’s face. I was placed here to clear the sky so the stars could shine. My task is obvious. My commission is to preserve light and life and to maintain balance between fire and ice.”

The salamander Itumo who controls lightning across the planet mentions that once he had no power at all. He says, “Within my mind, I can slow time so lightning is nearly frozen and the blast a ripple slowly moving. My consciousness is in the cloud, the earth, and the charge moving between them.

“Yet even when I was nothing I knew ecstasy such as this existed for me to find. Even when I was unknown and without influence, I knew I would master this divine gift. Though I stood in front of an abyss, I knew I would find a path across it.”

The kings and queens of the elements are curious but in a different way than human beings. They feel one with their element within nature and so they do not study nature in an external way that we do. Like the girl says, “I have always known I am a part of nature.” Being with one of them is like being out in nature. You feel refreshed, revived, and no longer within human time.

When I sit next to a mermaid queen and pause from interacting with her, the vibration of her aura changes. She then is not presenting herself to interact with a human being. Her aura changes into the vibration of the ocean.

With one woman it is impossible for me not to notice that in every moment she is like water—like water, she changes herself to adapt to the situation she is in and the person she is with. When I do photo shoots with her, I get thirty pictures of completely different women.

She once sent five pictures of herself to her publicist whose response was, “These are nice pictures but which one of these girls is you?” The mermaids exist within the moment. One result is that they never lose their innocence—their spontaneity does not diminish. Their response in the present moment is not shaped by what has gone before just as water does not cling to the form it was in in the previous moment.

The fifth element that human beings possess offers a high level of integration when it comes to conscience. The fifth element oversees and harmonizes the other four elements. It assigns them purposes to fulfill and monitors their progress. And so human beings ask questions like, What is my purpose in life? Why am I here? What should I be doing with myself?

A mermaid, for example, will say to me, “I just go with the flow. I have no purposes.” Or, “I exist to love.” A mermaid would wonder what else is there but love.

What else is there? Gnomes like to work at changing the vibration of matter. Salamanders seek to strengthen their will power. Sylphs like to create harmony between opposing forces. Mermaids do not do those things—they do not build; they do not seek power; and they do not understand how to create harmony between diverse points of view or balance between opposing forces. But when it comes to nurturing, empathy, and love, they are absolutely astonishing.

Not possessing the fifth element, elemental beings have no purpose or “authorization” to intervene in human affairs. However, if you meet them in their own realm on the astral plane, you are in their turf. They have their own rules of engagement that apply there.

Some mermaids have entered our world to demonstrate that love can exist under the most difficult situations of life as human beings know it. And I suspect that some mermaids are here to see if they can somehow work with human beings to avoid destroying the oceans as we are now doing. And one mermaid is here to record human experience for future races that appear on earth in case we become suddenly extinct. Mermaids are better at recording what it is to be alive than we are with our current technologies.

Other than that I have no examples of elemental beings becoming involved in the affairs of the human race other than indirectly. By forming a close relationship with a human being an elemental being can then use its immense powers to assist the human in fulfilling his purposes in life.

I have some mermaids who work with me on my project relating to protecting the oceans and establishing justice between nations. But the only reason they pursue these things is because they feel that what I feel is a part of them.

5. What are Sylphs exactly and what would information would they share with us?

WM: Sylphs are composed of the one element of air. Again, they exist on the astral plane but have a very close relationship with the atmosphere of our planet. Sylphs have great sensitivity to winds and weather conditions. The air element can be experienced through imagining that you are completely free of gravity as if you are floating weightless in the sky.

But if we look at the astral bodies of sylphs, in human terms they have the hyper sensitivity of artists—they feel everything going on around them. And so they like harmony because that is pleasing to the senses. And they like a mind that is without attachments because such a mind is open, clear, and vast like the sky.

What would sylphs share with us? How to feel freedom at the core of your being. A great harmony encompasses the atmosphere of the earth. All the storms, hurricanes and tornadoes are part of that harmony. The atmosphere of the earth is like a cosmic symphony. It is like Beethoven composing each day—there is a Moonlight Sonata being played some evenings, the 7th Symphony during a storm, and the 9th Symphony at dawn. The atmosphere embodies immense beauty.

And they would share wonder. The sylph Cargoste—“The universe is on the verge of exploding because of the joy it contains.”

6. Could you go into some of the poems and meditations shared in the book with us and perhaps share some with us?

WM: There is a poem on page 255, under Astral Immortality and the Five Elements. This poem is in a video also at, the fourth video down called, The Training—A Magician’s Prayer or see

The elemental beings as I mention are virtually immortal. This means that the element that composes their astral body does not deteriorate. Human beings, for example, trash mermaid women, abuse them, and at times try to destroy them. And yet these women simply do not stop loving and they remain innocent. It is awesome.

When they incarnate and are here among in a human body, they are not subject to an astrological natal chart. As some of them tell me, “In all my life times I am the same person—I just learn new things.” Or, as one girl said, “I am the exact same person I was when I was four years old. You could put me inside that little four year old body and it is still me.”

Does she mean she is young like a child? Yes, she has an innocence and vivaciousness. Yet when I look at her it is just as easy to see a timeless goddess looking back at me. But some human beings also acquire the exact vibration in their auras of an elemental being. Some women for example have the auras of mermaids even though they also have a human soul. What has happened is that they fell in love with nature during some past life to such an extent that the vibrations of lakes, rivers, and the ocean have become a part of their soul—that timeless, inexhaustible beauty and depth of nature are fully alive within them.

And so expressed as a Magician’s Prayer, this attitude toward nature becomes—“When I look at the sky, let my mind be as clear and my breath as it flows through my chest—let me sense the winds of the earth to such an extent that there is no separation between me and what I gaze upon.”

My mind is the sky--
Pure, clear, and open
Its air flows through my chest
Its winds are my breath

My body is the Earth--
In me, Her Silence and endurance reach consciousness
Like Her, I shelter and I protect
I am one of Her fruits
I am the strength and nourishment upon which others thrive

The oceans are my magnetism and love
Rivers my bloodstream
Rain my moist fluids
Lightning my heartbeat
Thunder my voice
I am life sustaining and giving birth to life

The volcano and magma at the center of the earth
Are my will and power unfolding
I burn, I consume, I destroy
Yet I heal the broken heart
And bring joy and excitement to life

Or, as I expressed it another way in the book, “If you think like a gnome, perceive like a gnome, act like a gnome, feel like a gnome, and have the inner silence of a gnome, then you are gnome.”
The mermaid queens consider any woman who has acquired the vibration of water in her aura to be a mermaid. They look at her as a sister. It does not matter what else she is. The same applies to the other elements and elemental beings. If you love nature as they love nature and make its vibration a part of you they see you as one of them.

7. How about the Gnomes what is their purpose exactly and what message would they want to share with us?

WM: Gnomes are elemental beings composed of one element—earth. In nature, the earth element is seen in the forests, vegetation, mountains, plateaus, and plains—the planet earth in its physical being. The earth element emphasizes shape, weight, density, and mass. As such, the earth element provides minerals, building materials, resources, shelter, and food. The gnomes are astral spirits who have very close ties to the densest forms of matter in nature.

The gnomes I describe are in some ways familiar to us. If you attended a Medieval Fair, it would not be difficult to imagine Musar being there. He would have a booth where he trades and barters antiques or ancient things found in the earth for whatever human beings currently consider to be of value. He is down-right curious about the human race. He wants to understand where we are going and what we are able to accomplish.

The gnome Erami could give lectures at Harvard on horticulture, genetic engineering, biochemistry, and longevity. I think he could translate his direct perceptions of life, matter, and energy into scientific language without too much effort.

And if Mentifil walked the earth in human form, he simply would not stop until he taught us how to extend our life spans so we live two or three hundred years longer. And this he would do simply by showing us how to increase our awareness of our bodies, of water and food, and of the life force in breathing. For Mentifil, a still mind in combination with concentration and imagination can reveal the deepest keys to understanding health and vitality.

8. I see the Gnomes are aligned with the Earth and the Sylphs the air and Mermaids the water, and Salamanders fire. Would you explain this alignment to the elements with us?

WM: A scientist once made fun of this ancient classification of nature and the human soul into the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. But it is science that lacks self-reflection. This planet we dwell on is a water planet. The presence of liquid water contributes to the vast bio-diversity of life.

The molten iron core of the planet generates the magnetosphere that protects the planet from solar radiation. Fire too is an essential force that supports the biosphere. Astronomers search the stars seeking what are called rocky exoplanets that have high density similar to the earth. They want to find planets that are in the habitable zone where it is neither too hot nor too cold so liquid water exists on the surface.

And the earth is remarkable with its atmosphere that allows us to stand on the surface out of doors and see the stars and not dissolve from acid rain, be crushed due to intense gravity, vaporized due to high heat, or frozen solid due to the cold.

Earth, air, fire, and water are a very reasonable classification system if you want to describe the conditions under which life can exist as we know it.

We are familiar with the idea of angelic beings in our Western religions. There are the kami in Shinto, jinn in Sufi, and a vast array of nature spirits in many traditions. The kings and queens of the four elements are sometimes given names, but often a ritualistic approach to interacting with them keeps the practitioner at a distance. There is no personal contact. The system of Franz Bardon insists that you not only meet and become familiar with these beings but that get to know them so well that their realms within nature become like a second home.

This is a simple way of understanding how a being composed of one element experiences life--
The mermaids are united to water in nature and to the oceans. They draw energy from water the way we draw energy from breathing air. For the mermaids, each moment is a magnetic sea containing the dreams and the taste of ecstasy—each moment arises from and resonates with the love sustaining all life on earth.

The same for sylphs with the atmosphere. Sylphs reside in the sky. They enter each moment seeking to attain and to abide in complete harmony. Our bodies metabolize food substances and oxygen to produce energy. Heat is byproduct. In an analogous way, the salamanders absorb the heat and expansive qualities of fire into themselves. The light in fire animates their souls. Will and power define the nature of their consciousness. It is understandable that they are incredibly interested in studying fire in all aspects as it exists on earth.

For the salamanders, each moment presents the opportunity to purify, strengthen, and expand the power of will. The most powerful gnomes who dwell within the earth perceive time not only in terms of centuries and geologic ages. Their perception penetrates also into the processes through which matter is formed and through which it dissolves. For a gnome, physical matter is malleable. It is something you can work with and transform.

When a gnome is working on something, it is almost like time disappears. When a project is complete then you have a unit of time as in “I have finished what I have begun.” Consequently, gnomes possess an inner silence that is like a quiet ecstasy. They always feel close to the things they care most about.

9. What would the Salamanders like to share with us exactly and when you mean Salamanders you mean like energy type beings not actual Salamanders or both?

WM: Salamander is a term in hermetic or magical lore to refer not to the salamanders in the pond but to these elemental beings of nature. The jinn are salamanders as is the genie in the story, Aladdin’s Lamp.

Individuals who are on earth in human form but possess the soul of a salamander are extremely dangerous. For this reason they often are only permitted to incarnate under carefully defined conditions. For example, they must live under the authority of a human being who insures they limit their actions to what is permitted by a human conscience.

For example, Robert Oppenheimer possessed a single mind dedication and a ferocious level of concentration similar to a salamander. And like a salamander in human form, he acted under the authority of others--the president of the United States and in cooperation with General Leslie Groves when he oversaw the Manhattan Project.

When Oppenheimer witnessed the explosion of the first atomic bomb that he himself built, he quoted Shiva from the Bhagavad Gita. He felt a cosmic power of will igniting before him. Gazing at the rising mushroom cloud, he said, “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

But neither General Leslie Groves, nor President Roosevelt, nor Einstein, nor Oppenheimer, nor Churchill, nor anyone else on the face of the earth was in a position to speak and quote the opposite position to Shiva’s power. If you offer a new kind of power or fire to mankind, you create a moral vacuum—you have to come up with the love and the wisdom that can properly direct that new source of energy to creative rather than to destructive ends.

In the great Indian Epic, Mahabarata, Arjuna speaks both to Krishna, the avatar of Vishnu, the god who preserve life and light on earth, and to Shiva. From Shiva Arjuna asks for an absolute weapon, Pashupata, that can destroy the world and Shiva grants it to him.

And yet at the beginning of a great battle with Krishna as his chariot driver, Arjuna’s heart fails him. He finds himself in a no man’s land where conscience no longer seems to operate. He loses his desire to flight. Krishna then explains to Arjuna over the course of two hours the words of the Bhagavad Gita. These words guide Arjuna through the innermost fibers of his being leading him to perceive the world from a position of complete transcendence.

And so on earth we have Kim Jong Un of North Korea and the Ayatollah of Iran seeking the fires of nuclear fission and fusion, absolute weapons, to hold in their hands. It is their wish to feel like gods, like Zeus who hurls thunderbolts or like Thor with his hammer—to utilize the powers of creation to extend their wills to dominate others.

But on earth there has been no one to speak on behalf of the opposite principle of life that corresponds to Shiva. These are the words spoken by Krishna to Arjuna amid the battle:
“Whenever righteousness becomes lax and injustice arises, then I send myself forth to protect the good and bring evildoers to destruction. For the secure establishment of the laws of the universe, I come into being age after age. ... I was born to destroy the destroyers.”

A race that seeks the advantages and powers of advanced technology should also seek the cosmic wisdom that provides for their safe use. Kim Jong Un and the Ayatollah want to relive Oppenheimer’s experience. They too want to be able to say, “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” They want to dance in the streets in delight and rejoice like those in Islamabad when Pakistan set off its first atomic bomb.

The question is who will rise to the occasion and be able to say with the voice of Krishna, “I am born to destroy the destroyers.”

If the human race is given fusion, a source of energy that powers the sun, will we uses it for the purposes of peace and harmony? Or, like so many inventions scientists create and that form new technologies, will we immediately place it in the hands of the most malicious people on earth?
The salamander Pyrhum says he embodies the fires at the core of the planet. But he complains that what he is never enters into the imaginations of human beings, not even when they dream at night. What would salamanders share? Everything that they are, the very essence of their being. The fire they embody creates new islands through volcanoes rising thirty thousand feet from the bottom of the sea. It raises up mountains and enable a vast variety of land formations. It moves the tectonic plates and is the cauldron in which many kinds of minerals are forged. Volcanoes in the sea nurture sulfur based life forms.

How do we gain their knowledge? You spend time with them like a lifelong friend whose every secret you understand.

10. So the way I see it is there are multidimensional levels all around us and these beings inhabit these realms. I have seen beings from these realms. Could you go into this more and also what are you up to in the future book wise and projects wise? Thanks.

WM: The elemental beings embody the pure form of the energies that compose our own being. When I study them, I am studying human nature—what we are capable of becoming. If a great salamander incarnated as a human being he just might grow up to be a general like Patton who in his mind existed to win battles no one else could fight. He might grow up to be an Oppenheimer, offering to mankind fire in a new form. Salamanders have power but not necessarily the wisdom to direct that power to its best purposes.

A sylph in human form might turn out to be a Beethoven who writes the Ninth Symphony or a Steven Hawkin who explores the origins of the universe. The mind seeks harmony and understanding. A great gnome in human form might unravel some new mystery of DNA or discover how to dramatically extend the length and health of our lives.

We are familiar already with the realms of salamanders, sylphs, and gnomes. But mermaids we seem to know nothing about. What would happen if the empathy of mermaids were a part of human culture the way earth, air, and fire are?

I like to put it this way: We would have direct mind to mind contact with anyone on earth in any moment that we wish. We would know how to dissolve malice with ease and be able to overcome those who abuse power simply by concentrating on an individual, freeing him of his false attachment, and restoring him to his best path in life. And if we have the fifth element of akasha along with the water then the human conscience would finally be fully operational. We would do justice, speak truth, and understand other’s hearts.

Human beings, as you say, are multidimensional. These spiritual realms are a part of us. By studying the beings within these realms we can discover what is missing in our own culture and history. By acquiring the sensitivities, perceptions, intuitions, and powers of these wondrous beings, we can take hold of our own world and shape it so as to create harmony and balance.
North Atlantic Books has expressed an interest in publishing next year my collection of stories called Mermaid Women. Some of these stories I write down verbatim as the women tell me about how they began to incarnate among human beings.

Other stories I put together from ten hours of video taped interviews such as the story I am working on called, The Tank Commander and the Mermaid. This woman used amazing powers to protect her husband while he was deployed in Iraq. She gave him detailed briefings on future events and what he needed to do to survive. Mermaids, as someone once told me, make great intelligence agents because they can read others’ minds and see the future.

The current book I am working on is called How to Speak Saturn. It is a series of meditations and discussions on how to dissolve negativity in people. You try the meditations and get them to work for people in your personal life. Then you are in a position to apply the exact same meditations for eliminating corruption in government and removing dictators around the planet.

The idea is to act as a conscience to individuals who abuse their power so that in the end justice fills the earth. Some who become very talented in this area will be able to act as referees for national leaders who wish to fight wars or dominate other human beings. Like a soccer referee, they have the ability to hand out the equivalent of yellow and red cards—to warn and to remove from office those who persist in abusing their power.

It is a Saturn thing as in the quote, “Justice and only justice shall you pursue.” The book is about how to become an agent of Saturn in human form. Wars should have been eliminated thousands of years ago. The human race is incredibly self-destructive and there is absolutely no reason to be like that.

My work in these areas you can see as I write them on my facebook page, or my web sites:

Videos are at

Mermaids, Sylphs, Gnomes & Salamanders: Dialogues with the Kings & Queens of Nature is published by North Atlantic Books.

Jeffery Pritchett is the host of The Church Of Mabus Show bringing you high strange stories from professionals in the carousel of fields surrounding the paranormal.


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