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Will you take the Zero Hunger Challenge?

I just signed up for the Zero Hunger Challenge. It’s a commitment, on the part of individuals and organizations, to help end world hunger. There are currently 842 million people globally who suffer from hunger. To end this massive injustice is clearly going to require all hands on deck. So please join.

You can sign the declaration and join the Zero Hunger Challenge.
Zero Hunger Challenge

To take part in the Challenge you sign a declaration. Then you get to work. You can be an advocate for policies to end hunger and encourage others by your actions. It starts with ensuring everyone in the world has access to food at all times.

There is plenty of food in the world. It is unacceptable that anyone has to struggle to even get one meal a day. In some cases people don’t even get one meal. Every day thousands of people die from starvation. Food is especially crucial for children, who will suffer lasting effects from malnutrition.

Be a food ambassador. Speak out in support of programs that fund world hunger relief. For example, in the United States we have the Food for Peace initiative. The more funding and support this plan receives, the greater the chance of eradicating hunger.

The McGovern-Dole global school lunch program and International Disaster Relief are two other programs you can support. There are also computer games and apps, like FreeRice and Charity Miles, that fight hunger. Use them as much as you can.

Help out your local food pantry. Try to eliminate food waste both at home and at area establishments. The Campus Kitchens is an organization dedicated to helping schools stop food waste.

Of course, world hunger cannot end unless conflicts cease. For as long as there is war, there will be hunger. Getting involved in conflict resolution is another essential to ending hunger. There are currently more than 51 million people who have been forcibly displaced, the most since the end of World War II.

War victims lose access to food. Farmers cannot plant if driven away from their fields. This means more hunger for a nation. One disaster leads to another. Even if a conflict ends today, the damage to food production can take years to overcome. Supporting the peaceful resolution of conflict worldwide will help prevent hunger from happening on such a large scale.

No one person, organization or country can end hunger. But there is strength in numbers. If many people get involved, that is what adds up, so join the Zero Hunger Challenge. Find something you can do to help fight world hunger.

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