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Wii U hands-on exclusive details: Rayman, Nintendoland, Mario U & Project P-100

What Wii U title are you most excited for?
What Wii U title are you most excited for?

Nintendo recently invited a hand full of people to a group of weekend events in Denver and with it wrapped up, the kids, adults, gamers and everyone other person who was in attendance now has a clearer picture of what the Wii U will be about.

The experience was a very revealing and mind-opening one in a lot of respects.

First off, getting a chance to experience some of the games that will be available on the Wii U and how they will incorporate the Wii U gamepad was great.

In just about every single title the gamepad will be a major part of the Wii U experience, and for some games that is a great thing, but for others it isn't.

Nintendo showed off Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition at the event. It played well and looked great. The incorporation of the gamepad at times was a bit inconvenient though.

Specifically, throwing the boomerang to gain access into a locked room was fairly frustrating and was not simple enough where anyone could pick up the game and start mowing through it. The mechanics were a bit unnatural. Experience is definitely needed for Arkham City.

It starts to make one wonder if the multiple-platformed, third party titles the Wii U will receive are going to be worth playing on the console.

This had been brought up because of the abrupt stops gamers experienced when playing Batman. The game itself was great without the pad, but when it was brought into play, it really started to drag things out a bit.

It was the only one third party title though, so keeping an open-mind and finding out for yourself is still the safest bet.

Just about every other title shown at the event worked great with the gamepad. Nintendo's titles that were on hand worked fantastically well and provided a lot of smiles.

Nintendoland will be a multiple game pack in one. It's similar in the way Wii Sports was with different sports you could play on the same disc.

Nintendoland is legitimate and will be extremely fun for people of all ages and yes, even for hardcore gamers as well.

It will be comprised of 12 games, five of which were demoed. Luigi's Mansion was one of the most fun titles they had. There were five players total and four of them needed to chase a ghost through a maze-type map, trying to shine their flashlights on it.

The gamepad seems to be the device the lone player uses in the titles that place one versus four or three. That was the case in Luigi's Mansion. It's practical and fun to use.

Next up was Project P-100 (working title). This game allows you to control up to 50 superheroes at one time. In order to gain more and more superheroes, gamers must defeat enemies threatening civilians, and then once they are safe, gamers draw a circle around the freed people using the gamepad, and that turns them into superheroes.

All of the gameplay features are very diverse, with convenient incorporation of the gamepad at necessary times.

This game could be a breakout title for Nintendo as the system launches.

New Super Mario Brothers U was also on hand to play. This game is vintage Mario, with up to five players being able to join the action. One of the five will man the gamepad as they assist the other four in trying to jump distances that normally wouldn't be possible.

The block building assistant is a crucial element to the game and again keeps multiple people involved. Mario fans will be more than happy with this new installment in the franchise.

Finally, Rayman Legends was on hand. The demo that was shown at Ubisoft's E3 press briefing was one option that was playable. There was another level available as well and that one played straight into the E3 level.

Legends looks incredible and will be a fun title for up to two people to enjoy. One player will be doing the running, jumping and kicking, while the other will be using the Wii U gamepad to assist Rayman.

The person using the pad will be able to help fight off enemies, contribute to the mini games that are available, cut ropes for Rayman to jump to and rotate blocks allowing him to advance further in levels.

Wii U users will need to make sure they have Rayman Legends on their holiday shopping lists.

Also, for those who did not know, one of the Nintendo representatives that were on hand said the old Wii controllers will not be usable on Wii U. They look and play the exact same, but they are not compatible with the Wii U system.

The system's graphics were top-notch but were not much better than what the Playstation 3 is capable of. The specs may be more powerful and better than the Playstation 3 on paper, but the titles on hand did not blow the Playstation or Xbox away at all.

All of the representatives were locked safes in the way of details regarding price, release date or specs, which was to be expected.

The entire industry should find out some of those details, if not all, when Nintendo hosts their Wii U event in New York on Sept. 13th.


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