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Wii U GamePad has a chance to change the gaming landscape

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For people who want to know which games will be the best ones to play with the GamePad, look no further than "ZombiU," as this device and game may be on the way to changing the gaming industry forever.

Ubisoft Montpellier Studios' story design director, Gabrielle Shrager, took some time to speak with in regards to their upcoming zombie-thriller.

Shrager said the Wii U GamePad has the potential to change the gaming landscape, much like the Wii did last decade.

"One of the most successful uses we make of the new GamePad came early on in the development of the game. Similar to how the Wii Remote changed the gaming landscape; the Wii U GamePad invites a new way of playing together.

"This time, it’s the additional screen offered by the GamePad that revolutionizes the way we play. It first inspired us to create the asymmetrical multiplayer modes of 'ZombiU.'

"It was a bit later in the iterative design process that we hit on the potential for survival horror, the endless possibilities offered by the two screens for generating tension and even fear.

"But once the GamePad became our all-in-one survival kit, the features and narrative elements of the game evolved almost organically. Today, the GamePad is utterly indispensable to the experience of 'ZombiU,'" Shrager said.

How do you think the Wii U's GamePad will impact the industry?



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