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Wife throws other woman off cliff; husband walks away (video)

Wife throws other woman off cliff; husband walks away (video)

There's a new video making the rounds online that's shocking and compelling to watch all the same, like a real-life episode of "Cheaters" caught on tape.

In the video, we see a woman approach her husband, who is wearing a red jacket and talking with another woman. The wife assumes it's a woman having an affair with her husband, so she drags the woman away across the ground and tossing her over the edge of a cliff into a ravine, 20 feet deep.

Thankfully, the woman tossed over the cliff didn't die, but only suffered cuts and bruises. As of this writing, no charges have been filed in the case, however, most folks are commenting on the fact that the cowardly husband just runs away from the melee and allows his wife to toss a woman over a cliff.

The "other woman" states, in fact, that she was not having an affair with the attacking wife's husband, but claims that he was after her. Classic.

"It's video you have to see to believe: A wife attacks a woman she believes is her husband's lover and tossing her off a cliff," reads the description of the video going totally viral.

Perhaps in light of its popularity (and thanks to that eye in the sky capturing the fight), some type of charges will be filed against the wife. It makes me wonder, however, why the woman being dragged didn't fight back more. She does look very slight, and perhaps smaller in stature.