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‘Wicked Tuna’ finds ‘Sweet Smell of Revenge’ is not too sweet on NatGeo

A bluefin tuna; not from "Wicked Tuna"
A bluefin tuna; not from "Wicked Tuna"
Wikimedia Commons

Last night's episode of “Wicked Tuna” finds the fishermen of Gloucester, Mass. in week six of their season as they try to catch their livelihood of bluefin tuna. So far, the leaderboard is as follows; with four fish for $23,864. Second is Pin Wheel with four fish and $22,013. Third is Christina with three fish for $14,032. Fourth is Hard Merchandise with two fish for $11,896, Bounty Hunter also with two for $4,435 and the Odysea with one fish for $4,100.

As the episode starts, the Christina is headed for the northern waters, where more fish seem to be headed. Captain Kevin spots a weekend warrior or better known to the fishermen as a Googan, a fishing boat that is out for fun, not to make a living. Many Googans have no regard for other fishermen or their boats and fish too close to other boats. With too many boats in the area, their lines can get tied up causing disaster. When the word gets out about good fishing, everyone wants a piece of the action. As they drop the anchor, a boat heads directly for them running over their anchor line and tying it up in their propeller. Now it will cost Kevin $100 to fix his anchor line.

Donna Monte on the Bounty Hunter has no choice but to fish on weekends and notices all the Googans. The commercial fleet has lost thousands of dollars to Googans, who have little regard for the fishermen who need to work for a living. The commercial fishing boats have rods out on every angle of their boats, some about a half of a mile long. By anchoring too close, they endanger the livelihood of the commercial fleet. The first catch is too small to keep, so Bill releases him with a kiss good-bye and sends him back to grow up.

On the Christina, they are Googan-free so far as the reel starts spinning. Kevin gets one and he is 74 inches. The fish weighs 150 pounds and garners $9 a pound for $1,350.

As the Pin Wheel heads out, the Googans are all around. His scanner will not even give a reading because of the increased population in the area. As Tyler politely, if one can believe it, asks the closest Googan to turn down his fish finder, he is greeted with no respect from a fellow fisherman who promptly tells him where to go.

As Bill Monte gets another bite, he discovers it is another short. He gets a free ride back to the ocean as they keep fishing.

As Kevin is fishing, asks them if they have extra bait; a courtesy the fleet usually extends to each other. Kevin declines, so Dave anchors close to his boat, just like a Googan. So the Christina crew start throwing bait at them.

Tyler is fishing alone on the Pin Wheel and makes sure his gear is close to him as possible. He knows that he has the ability to fish alone, unlike other boats he knows. Tyler gets a good sized fish, it weighs 267 pounds, and he did it all by himself. The fish went for $23 a pound, and it was worth $6,141.

On the Hard Merchandise, Dave gets a fish on the line, but it swam under a Googan's boat and got tangled up in his anchor line. They lost another fish because of these inconsiderate fishermen.

Now it is time for Dave on the to get revenge on Kevin for throwing bait at them. It is early in the morning, and Dave puts rotten bait inside the pole holes of their boat. Which will soon start to stink and draw flies.

As Donna gets a big fish on the line, a Googan heads straight for their boat and cuts their line. They know it was a large payday fish; once more they are at the mercy of these Googans.

As Kevin discovers the rotten smell on his boat, he knows for sure that Dave was the culprit. Now it is game on!

On the Hard Merchandise, Dave got a fish on the line, and tries to steer so it does not go under the boat. Sandro spears it and it comes aboard. It measures 77 inches, well over the legal limit. The fish weighed 196 pounds and at $19 a pound grossed $3,724.

When Dave was out fishing, Kevin found Dave's truck. The door was open and there were sweatshirts and hats with the logo. Kevin gave one to each person who passed by. They jacked up his truck and put it on blocks. He stuck rotten mackerel in his tailpipe to add insult to injury.

When Dave came back from fishing, he tried to drive home and was victim of the latest prank, which he thought was a clever one. Dave seems to have very little emotion, unlike his first mate Paul, who would like to see Dave blow his cork. Now Dave has to go one better on his next prank.

At the end of week five, the leaderboard is; Pin Wheel leads with five for $28,154. has four fish for $23,864. Hard Merchandise has three for $15,620. Christina has four, but only $15,382. Bounty Hunter still has only two for $4,435 and Odysea with one for $4,100, but it is a big ocean and more "Wicked Tuna" to be caught if the Googans can stay away.


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