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Who to blame in the Las Vegas shooting

victims Alyn Beck, Igor Soldo, Joseph Wilcox
victims Alyn Beck, Igor Soldo, Joseph Wilcox

A shooting in Las Vegas left two police officers and a civilian dead last Sunday. As law enforcement uncovers information about the perpetrators, many will continue to ask who to blame for this tragedy.

Husband and wife duo Jerad and Amanda Miller killed two Las Vegas police officers, Alyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31, at a pizza restaurant Sunday. Then the couple fatally shot shopper Joseph Wilcox, 31, when they ran into a Walmart, shouting about a “revolution.” Jerad was shot by police; Amanda committed suicide.

The Millers had previous contact with law enforcement on several occasions; in February, detectives investigated Jerad Miller’s threats to shoot staff at the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Investigators reported no signs of real threat. People cannot be arrested for being angry. If Jerad Miller would have waved a weapon at the investigators stating he was going to “shoot” someone, then further action could have been taken. Miller knew how far to push the issue. In April and in May, the Millers were interviewed regarding a neighbor. Again, no threats to law enforcement and no signs were observed the Millers may be dangerous. Even if they spouted anti-government propaganda during these interviews, they had the freedom to do so.

Friends and neighbors, thus far, have described the Millers as nonthreatening and normal, average people. Security Expert Gavin Debecker explains in his bestseller “The Gift of Fear” this is normal: those who actually feared the Millers are least likely to speak to the media. Investigators will ask those with any real information to stay away from the media as part of the investigation. In an effort to obtain any “scoop” the media will interview anyone associated with the couple: neighbors, the mailman, the pizza delivery person who wants to be seen on television. The Millers were probably intelligent enough to keep their plan to themselves, behaving “normal,” until the minute they opened fire.

It appears Jerad and Amanda Miller had anti-government beliefs. One cannot be arrested for their beliefs. The United States is filled with “ anti –" organizations: anti-black, anti-white, anti-gay, anti-government; all of them are legal as long as they do not break the law. The anti-government group may preach against the government, for example, but to bomb a building crosses the line.

The issue is not guns, government, police, hate groups, the media, laws of arrest, the public, or Walmart. The issue is Jerad and Amanda Miller had a mission, however twisted, and they carried it out – at the cost of much sadness. They carried it out in a very public place knowing their actions would cause much attention, hoping to stir up the “revolution” they were screaming about. The truth is, like so many tragedies before it, there is no one “cause” to blame for the fatal shootings in Las Vegas. The only real blame to assign is to Jerad and Amanda Miller.

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In memory of Las Vegas police officers Beck and Soldo, “Some gave all,” and to Joseph Wilcox, "brave soldier." Please keep their families and friends in your thoughts. to assist the families of the slain, click HERE.

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