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'Who's the baby's daddy?' Bizarre homework assignment enrages only one parent?

"Who's the baby's daddy?" A homework assignment turns bad!
"Who's the baby's daddy?" A homework assignment turns bad!
Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Who’s the baby's daddy? A homework assignment for ninth grade biology students, was met with some friction when a parent got a gander at what their child was working on. This multiple choice biology worksheet had students figure out whose baby this woman gave birth to using blood type possibilities, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Monday, Feb. 17.

As if this couldn’t get any worse, the worksheet had multiple choices to choose from after the kids figured out the blood type possibilities. The father was either the cable guy, the mailman, a cab driver, the bartender, or a guy at the club, according to Before it's on Feb. 17. Only one parent got upset seeing their child working on this, what is wrong with this picture?

These choices suggested that this woman slept around a lot and one parent wrote back to the teacher on the worksheet, “We teach our children not to sleep around.” While the goal was for the students to use this example to figure out blood types, another example might have worked out better.

A child who was adopted trying to determine the father would have been less offensive. It wasn’t the best of judgment to use “Who’s the baby’s daddy?” Although, you can probably understand the teacher’s train of thought.

It stands to reason that this teacher was trying to make the work intriguing for the kids by pulling this out of today’s headlines. “Who’s the baby’s daddy?” This is a line often heard on shows like “Jerry Springer.”

The Romeo Michigan school principle called the outraged father to apologize for this homework worksheet. As far as angry parents, the school reports that only one complained. This is probably the most disturbing part of the story, only one parent complained? Did the other parents not know what these kids brought home for homework?

Kids are in their early teens in ninth grade and this worksheet not only seemed to normalize this woman sleeping around, but they were all with strangers that she slept with. They were people that this baby's mother just happened upon, like the mailman, the cable guy, the bartender, cab driver and guy at the bar. It insinuates that the mother of this baby was into one night stands with strangers.

It didn't say the lawyer the woman dated for a year, or the ex-husband that she reconciled with for a month, it just picked people right out of a crowd like passing ships in the night! This was wrong on a few different levels and kudos to the father who spoke up!

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