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Who's that girl with Lleyton Hewitt in the Athletic DNA commercials?

It's @TheLittleGiant

Danieelw Lao appears with Lleyton Hewitt in the new ADNA commercial
Athletic DNA

Following a successful college tennis career at USC, two-time All-American Danielle Lao decided to take her blog and put it into book form- hence “The Invaluable Experience.”

Now, Lao is ready for a little TV time and some ‘chaos.’ (More on that in a bit)

Lao, along with writer, Rick Limpert debuted “The Invaluable Experience” back in December of 2013. but the positive feedback continues to roll in. Lao says she hopes other can learn from her successes and disappointments that she shares in the book.

“College tennis was such a pivotal part in my development as a player as well as a person and my hope is to share with as many people as I can, how college is such an invaluable experience.”

In its first week, “The Invaluable Experience” was the No. 3 Kindle tennis book on; ahead of such titles as Rafa", by Rafael Nadal, “Serve to Win” by Novak Djokovic, Brad Gilbert's "Winning Ugly", "Facing Federer", and other books written by tennis heavyweights like John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors.

On to the “chaos.” Along with former world No. 1 Lleyton Hewitt, Danielle is also being featured in Athletic DNA’s new “Chaos is Coming” campaign in a 30-second commercial airing regularly on Tennis Channel promoting their new spring line of clothing.

“To be honest seeing myself on TV doesn't make sense in my head much less being on a commercial with a two-time grand slam champion,” admits Lao. “Even now I still sometimes see myself as a 12-year old and complete subordinate to everyone. Playing well enough to be competing at this professional level then seeing myself on TV, it all blows me away. Things like that never happened to me in my life. I was never good enough, but on the other hand it's real heart warming to feel that many years have passed and things have changed a bit.”

Danielle’s Athletic DNA commercial can be viewed at this link:

“The Invaluable Experience” is loaded with great advice for current and future student athletes, parents, and fans of college sports. It is available as a Kindle download on, in paperback form on, and through the book’s website at

Danielle’s current WTA ranking in No. 504 and she claimed her first USTA Pro Circuit title in April by winning the doubles title with Keri Wong at the 25K event in Pelham, AL.

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