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Who are the Scuba Sirens?

The Scuba Sirens are seven exceptional women that are pursuing their dreams of diving and promoting dive education and ocean conservation.
The Scuba Sirens are seven exceptional women that are pursuing their dreams of diving and promoting dive education and ocean conservation.
Scuba Sirens Facebook Page and website

They are a strong-willed group of divers who are passionate about their sport. They are friends through thick and thin, and most of all, they are drawn together not only by the love they share for the ocean, but also their fervor and dedication to the promotion of dive education and ocean conservation.

These ambitious women are known as the Scuba Sirens. Through their efforts, they greatly inspire others to desire to dive and soak up all the advantages that the sport has to offer.

Although the seven members are bound by a common love of the ocean, each is unique in her own extraordinary way.

Siren Nikole, founder of Scuba Sirens, has a wealth of diving experience. Her passion for diving started in college when she joined the SDSU Dive Team and graduated from SDSU with a degree in Biology emphasis in Zoology. She became a dolphin trainer/ dive supervisor for the US Navy’s Marine Mammal program and was with this program for 4 years. She is a PADI Master Instructor, EFR & DAN Instructor, Reef Check Course Director, Shark Saver‘s Florida Volunteer Coordinator, President of the SouthFlorida HammerHeads and a Diveheart Instructor.

Siren Willie began her diving career in 1995 in West Palm Beach, FL. With the goal of becoming a marine biologist, scuba diving is sure to bring her that much closer. In 2001, she achieved her dive professional rating of Divemaster and she is currently working on her Instructor certification. Willie is also a license boat captain and she is the marine science director for Under Blue Waters, a kids’ ocean camp in South Florida. She finds that being the South Florida Director for the Diveheart Foundation gives her the most gratification.

It all began for Siren Maya in 2005 in the Florida Keys. She really liked sea turtles and wanted to have an up close encounter with one underwater so she got certified to do so, not realizing it would become a career. Maya became a PADI Instructor in 2007 and a licensed boat captain in 2011. She also plays a large role in the kids ocean adventure camp called Under Blue Waters. Maya is also a Diveheart Instructor and works with Willie to create diving events for disabled divers. Maya will be traveling very soon to Haiti to teach a group of Haitian college students to scuba dive so that they can conduct Reef Check surveys on the reefs of Haiti.

Siren Erin earned her Open Water certification on the beautiful St. Maarten Island on New Year's Day in 2002. Diving was an all-consuming love and she became a PADI instructor in 2005 and takes great joy in introducing people of all ages and abilities to the joys and wonders of the ocean. She earned her bachelors degree in Marine Biology from San Diego State and then moved to South Florida to enjoy some of the best underwater marine life and reefs that the world has to offer. She has her Normoxic Trimix certification so she can pursue the curious world of wreck diving ever so magically.

Siren Missy began diving very young in freezing quarries and lakes and the more she did it, the more she loved it. She became a PADI Instructor in 2010. Missy is involved with the South Florida Spearfishing Club locally, which teaches divers to spear responsibly. She also joins in with Diveheart and other great ‘diving for a cause’ events, examples…picking up underwater debris, count shark sightings for SharksCount program, fund raise for ocean conservation organizations, and of course helping out the community to get families involved in scuba diving.

It was a family affair for Siren Lindsay as she pursued diving with her dad. Upon graduation from Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT), she moved to sunny Florida to become a dive instructor. Lindsay holds a BA in Political Science and Latin American Studies and is currently studying to become a doctor. When she isn't studying, she is discovering all kinds of marine life in the warm waters of South Florida. Diving is one of her greatest loves.

Siren Jessica is a native of West Palm Beach, Florida. Jessica attended the Riviera Beach Maritime Academy for high school and graduated in 2011. By the time she was 18, Jessica had earned her Captains licence and was advancing up the ranks of Scuba Certifications. Jessica is attending college and working towards her associates degree, with an eventual goal of receiving her bachelors degree in Marine Science from Florida Atlantic University. In addition, Jessica works as a sea turtle conservationist, where she spends her mornings tracking and researching sea turtle nests.

There are many great organizations that stand behind this great group of women known as the Scuba Sirens. The Reef Check Foundation, Shark Savers, Under Blue Waters, Florida Hawksbill Project and Diveheart Foundation all treasure the outstanding work that the Scuba Sirens devote themselves to each day. A day of diving and exploring our marine world is a wonderful experience.

Get to know these lovely ladies and the exceptional work that they do on a daily basis to save our oceans. Visit their website: and 'Like' them on Facebook.

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