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What the employer wants: A track of accomplishment

a track of accomplishment
a track of accomplishment
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This year the trend that employers are looking for is your achievements as a strategy and what you can do for them. It is no longer about how skilled you are in specific areas, are your technically savy, what kind of degree you have or certifications do not tell the employer how you will perform in the workplace.

As Lou Adler, CEO, best-selling author, created Performance-based Hiring. Recent book: The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired, suggests the shift of matching a person based on their past performances. He also predicts a change in assessment that includes performance based interviewing, talent scorecards in comparison to behavioral interviewing. He also comments that employee referral programs will become more important than they ever were before.

Employers are looking for the story about you, where you have been and how you have grown, not every detail of your life, but how you can apply those accomplishments to the job you are pursuing. A student once asked if being fluent in three languages should be on their resume. Obviously. But sometimes we don't recognize those talents. A manager or teacher applying in a new industry needs to think about those leadership abilities and how they made a difference.

Even if you do not have a strong job history, look for that sport or hobby that helped you develop determination, strength and competition or that photography contest you won. How did you create a presentation, piece of artwork or article that made other notice?