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What Jesus did each day of Holy Week

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Holy Week, also known as Passion Week, was the last week of Jesus' earthly ministry. And a busy week it was for Him.

Palm Sunday
Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey while the crowd put down their cloaks and palm leaves for Him. They sang "Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord." (Matthew 21:1-11) Read more about what happened on Palm Sunday.

Jesus drove the money changers out the temple for making it a den of thieves instead of a house of prayer. (Matthew 21:12-17) Also, Jesus cursed a barren fig tree for having leaves but no figs. (Matthew 21:18-22) Read more about what happened on Monday.

Jesus taught from dawn to dust; especially the parables. He pronounced woes on the Pharisees. (Matthew 21:28-25:46) Read more about what happened on Tuesday.

This day is known as "Spy Wednesday" because Judas agreed to betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, the going rate for a slave at that time. Also on this day, a woman anoints Jesus with expensive perfume from her alabaster box. This was symbolic of His burial. (Matthew 26:6-13) Read more about what happened on Wednesday.

This day is known as "Maundy Thursday" because Jesus had the Last Supper with His disciples and commanded that this be done until His returns. That's why we celebrate the Lord's Supper or Holy Communion at our churches. (Matthew 26:17-75) Read more about what happened on Thursday.

This day is known as "Good Friday" because on this day Jesus was crucified for the sins of the world. His trial, death, and burial all took place on this day. (Matthew 27:26) Jesus spoke His seven last words from the cross. Read more about what happened on Friday.

Jesus descended hell and set the captives free. (The Apostles' Creed, Ephesians 4:8) Death was put to death while soldiers were guarding His tomb. (Matthew 27:62-66) Read more about what happened on Saturday.

Most Christians now call this "Resurrection Day" while it is commonly known as Easter Sunday. God raised Jesus from the dead early in the morning. That's why we can say, "He is risen!" (Matthew 28:11-15) Read more about what happened on Easter Sunday.

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