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What if we elected a president who...

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What if we elected a president, who we knew nothing about, just because it would be so historic that we elected the first (fill in ethnic or racial group here) president elected in the United States? What if that president had very little experience in government and very little public record to know about him from? What if we were told that candidate associated with a convicted domestic terrorist and attended a church every Sunday run by a preacher who hated America? What if we just ignored those associations, because we didn't want to even think about them, and voted that candidate in as president anyway?

What if that president, immediately upon taking office, went on an international apology tour, telling all the other countries of the world how bad, evil, and rotten the United States is and has been to the rest of the world? What is that president believed that our country alone had so exploited the rest of the world, and the world's resources, that it would have to be punished economically in order to save the world for the hoax of global warming?

What if that president, who had called George W. Bush's last budget deficit of $400 billion “unpatriotic” took office, and in his first year as president quadrupled the budget deficit to $1600 billion dollars and then blamed that too on George W. Bush, saying he had to spend all that money, out of control, to “clean up the mess” created by George W. Bush?

What if that president, after taking office, wasted billions in stimulus bill spending, and promised tens of thousands of “shovel ready” jobs, then only after it was revealed the spending created very few real jobs, that president cynically joked that “shovel ready wasn't so shovel ready afterall?”

What if that president restructured the bankruptcies of General Motors and Chrysler, after saying he would “save Detroit,” and the auto industry, only to have the bailout benefit almost entirely the labor union bosses who caused most of the problems that bankrupted the automakers, only to pay them off for campaign support by crafting the bailout in such a way that the unions got most of the payoff at taxpayer expense?

What if we had a president who, in the process of that auto bailout, blatantly exceeded his authority and fired the CEO of General Motors because the CEO wasn't running the company as the president wanted it to be run?

What if we had a president, so afraid of the political fallout and how it would affect his 2012 reelection campaign, that sat and did nothing, and then issued stand-down orders, while our Ambassador and others serving and protecting us were attacked and killed by al Qaeda militants in Benghazi, Libya? And then what if that president, and many of his minions, blatantly lied to us for weeks and blamed the incident on a youtube video that hardly anyone had ever watched, and even going to so far as to arrest and jail the producer of the obscure and unknown video?

What if we had a president that abused the authority of the IRS to harass and intimidate political opposition groups, denying them tax-exempt status, suppressing fund raising and political activism of groups that opposed the president? What if that same president lied about that IRS scandal and claimed he didn't know about it until the same time we all learned about it when it was first reported in the press?

What if we had a president who abused the NSA and government agencies to spy on all American citizens?

What if that president abused his authority in a variety of policy areas, including refusing to enforce immigration laws, allowing the borders to be as open as they can be, and signing illegally an executive order to allow amnesty for some illegal immigrants without congressional authority?

What if we had a president who has ignored, and defied, federal court orders in several instances because he didn't agree with the courts decisions, which in some instances struck down policies the president was trying to enact without proper congressional approval?

If we had a white president who did even one of these things if not just a few of them, there would easily be bipartisan support to impeach that president. But this is the first African-American president, named Barack Obama, and the media gives him a pass, defending him, while he cynically calls all of these issues “phony scandals.”

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