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What happened to Amber Smith?

Amber Smith vanished on Aug. 13th
Amber Smith vanished on Aug. 13th
Photo courtesy of Detroit Police Dept; Amber M. Smith

A Detroit woman has been missing for three weeks, and her story is only now getting media coverage. This Tuesday news report reveals that the 29-year-old woman was last seen around Aug. 13 by her husband. The police are now asking for help locating the missing woman, who is reportedly troubled and off of her medication. Foul play is also a possibility in this case, due to the slew of details that have reportedly come from the missing woman's husband.

Dennis Gentz (Amber's husband) says that a "drug lord" has been "terrorizing" them in the neighborhood. This supposed drug lord isn't being named in any media reports, but Gentz alleges that the man either abducted Amber or killed her. However, Gentz himself offered up some strange words while describing his missing wife to the media. He said the following:

"She's not, you know, the greatest person in the world. She has a criminal record and she's a drug addict, but that doesn't make her less of a person."

It's not ordinary for a loved one of a missing person to refer to them as "not a great person." It's also not common for the loved ones of a missing person to openly advertise the extent of their drug problems and mental problems. That's not saying that Gentz is being callous at all. Instead, it seems that he may be very devoted to finding out what happened to his wife, even if it means publishing everything about her: Warts and all.

Amber M. Smith is described as suffering from both bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and she has not taken her medication. She is also described as being addicted to drugs like heroin and crack/cocaine. She is an American-Indian female that stands at approximately 5'6" with an average build and long black hair. She has at least one tattoo -- a flower tat on the small of her back.

If you've seen this missing woman or if you know anything at all about her disappearance, you're encouraged to call (313) 596-5540 to speak with the Detroit Police Criminal Investigations Unit.

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