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What games to look forward to in March

Most important game in March
Most important game in March
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March is going to be a month full of major releases. You can look forward to these titles every Tuesday this March.

March 5

MLB 13 The Show - The yearly release of the closest representation of a sports game there has ever been. Some enhanced features for this title include a beginner mode and improved presentation.

MLB 2k13/NBA 2k13 Combo - 2K announced last week they are bundling these titles together as it seems MLB will be largely unchanged to last year's version. This is your only choice as an Xbox 360 owner, unfortunately.

SimCity - The rebirth of the ultimate city builder comes out, but this game has a different twist. It seems the game focuses more on micromanaging and may offer a different and better experience.

Tomb Raider - The reboot of the ongoing series. Can this surpass Uncharted?

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mirror Fate - The prequel to the sequel of the original Lords of Shadows. This title is strictly on the 3DS as the actual sequel is soon after this.

March 12

God of War: Ascension - Sony's first major exclusive this year was praised during beta. It will be very interesting to see how well this improves upon GOW3 and how well the multiplayer is.

March 19

Gears of War: Judgement - Xbox's only major IP this year is getting a lot of press at the moment. Hopefully this will improve upon 3. It's definitely a change of pace from Halo 4 or Black Ops 2.

Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate - The major success in Japan for this title will finally see an HD update on the Wii U, and an on-the-go version for 3DS. Still hoping Capcom throws Sony a bone on this.

March 24

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - Okay, so I guess not all the releases fall on a Tuesday. Nintendo loves to be different. The sequel to the Gamecube launch game finally sees a release on 3DS.

March 26

Bioshock: Infinite - The long awaited (delayed) Bioshock Infinite release falls on this day.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 - This yearly release is getting some major enhancements this time around.

March 31

Metro Last Light - A sequel to Metro 2033, also a Sunday release.

Company of Heroes 2 - The sequel to a lot of strategy GOTY awards from 2006.


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